December 8, 2016

Just Sit Back And Enjoy The Show

Lemme see. Those huge rocks hurtling through the solar system are usually hitting anywhere from 25,000 to 160,000 miles per hour. If the satellite spots this rock when it's a million miles away, that  gives us maybe 40 hours to perhaps only six and a half hours to figure out what to do.

Somehow I don't find that very comforting.
A spacecraft is currently on its journey towards an asteroid, where it will collect and return samples that experts believe may hold the building blocks of life.

The asteroid, Bennu, crosses Earth's orbit once every six years and is set to pass between the moon and our planet in 2135. 
Scientists are worried the 0.3 mile (500-metre) wide asteroid's orbit could be tweaked by Earth's gravity as it passes by, causing it to smash into our planet later in the century.

Now Nasa has explained exactly how the spacecraft is built to be able to see the asteroid from as far away as a million miles (1.6 million km) and as close as just a few feet.
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Kid said...

As long as it lands in the middle east.

Doom said...

I'd have to crunch the numbers, but Kid might have it. Although, at a certain size, it doesn't matter where it hits. Heck, a certain size, and it even gets too close to the earth or moon to knock one out of orbit and... The thing is, as many big and little things that can kill us all or individually? I am simply not going to worry about any particular one. Heck, I should be dead, especially since I'm not staying on my medicines well, or all of them. Then again, I survived them misdiagnosing and mistreating the bad hard for almost eight times what most people survive the severity of the disease without treatment. So...

Yeah, don't worry. If you live long enough to see the end of the world, get good video. No video, it didn't happen! If you store it right, perhaps archaeologists from after heaven and into new Earth will find it. Heaven knows, no current archaeologists will be saved. Have to make new ones, if there are to be any.

All good.

LL said...

We're all going to die. If you're going out, better to do it with a bang than lingering in hospice.

Doom said...

I don't know, LL. Technically, by medical condition, I should be in hospice. Look up 15% refraction ejection. Then consider it went untreated for 23 years, and is only getting intermittent treatment now, in part because I don't trust them, in part because I'm on my own. If you have a slight sense of humor, or a really dark one, hospice conditions ain't so bad... even if they last for decades. *grins*

I know I annoy my doctors to no end. They can't quite kill me, or save me. At least my priest... is more in on the joke than not.