December 6, 2016

Democrats: The Party Of Paper Assholes

My father had a phrase for people that were easily offended. He said that they had "paper assholes." As a young kid I couldn't figure out what he meant, but as I matured I realized that if you had a paper bunghole you had to be very careful how you wiped yourself. Paper bungholes are very delicate and could not stand any abuse else they tear.

I don't know if he picked this phrase up in the Navy during WWII, but this was my Dad's reaction to overly sensitive whiners. He couldn't stand them and his sons were brought up in accordance with this philosophy. Lord I miss him.

But my Dad would have said it applies to so many people today. We now have a n entire generation of people who have paper assholes. They're called Democrats.
Disgruntled Democrats Want A Constitutional Convention To Leave The Union

On Tuesday, disgruntled Democrats held a forum to discuss the possibility of replacing the Electoral College.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) conceded that Democrats could not get rid of the Electoral College due to the way the United States Constitution is written.

“I don’t think we can sustain our American democracy by having the majority ruled by the minority. And so the question is how to fix this since the Constitution is written in such a way that it’s almost impossible to amend,” Lofgren said.
Remember the media's reaction to the Texit initiative last summer to leave the Union? Liberals pooh poohed the notion that Texas would secede, but now that their panties are all wadded up around their torn posteriors they're thinking the same thing.

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LL said...

If they can't get a majority in the House of Representatives (the People's house), or in the state legislatures, or in governors, how do they plan to work their Constitutional Convention?

The progs are not even doing well among people of color with the exception of a few urban hell-holes. They weren't even strong enough to take Michigan, of all places.

sig94 said...

LL - heh, just because they're tender doesn't mean they're smart. I take it as another attempt to spark some interest and bump up party donations. The dems must be hurting now that major donors are licking their wounds and wondering why they sunk so much money into a losing proposition. If that's the case, I think there'll be a lot more of this ridiculous nonsense as they scrounge for a cash infusion.

Capt. Schmoe said...

"Ruled by the Minority" - The minority that feeds them, makes most of the crap that they buy etc etc etc.

LindaG said...

Hehe. I could go into a story about 'paper assholes', as we had them in the Air Force, too; but instead I will just say I agree with your dad.

So glad the dems lost for now.

Doom said...

I didn't get it at first. Thanks for taking the time to hurry my edumacation on this one. I do actually worry that I might... go that way. So? I keep friends like you on tap. Seriously. And amen.

sig94 said...

Schmoe - they like to think they're a majority. Makes them feel important.

sig94 said...

LindaG - my daughter just left the Army a month ago after serving 8 years. Some of the same reasons were behind her move as well as an appalling lack of leadership by her peers ans superiors.

sig94 said...

Doom - my Dad had a way with words.

LindaG said...

sig, I can imagine. The military is not what it was, with all the pansies and 'tolerance' classes and all the other stuff that goes on now.

I thank them for their service. Be safe and God bless us all.

Kid said...

I would LOVE for the libtards to secede. Just don't ever ask us for any money or military backing.

LindaG said...

Exactly. And don't bail them out before they do!