December 5, 2016

Make Our Navy Great Again

President-elect Trump has a full plate in front of him. Everything in this country has turned to shit under the stewardship of the cartoonish Kenyan Avenger. And that includes our Navy, once the most vaunted fighting fleet in the world.

The Navy's littoral combat ship is costing taxpayers billions more than budgeted, failing survivability assessments, and may never live up to the original vision for the program, a panel of Navy and government oversight officials told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

USS Independence and USS Coronado

The hearing, which focused on continued testing and acquisition of the small surface vessels, came at the close of a 12-month period in which five of the eight littoral combat ships in service have suffered major mechanical and engineering casualties. Navy officials have ordered dramatic program overhauls and reviews of ship employment and training in response to the breakdowns.
Not only are these almost half a billion dollar tuna boats broken, they are not expected to survive in a hostile war environment. Shock tests on the USS Milwaukee had to be canceled this past summer as it was feared that further testing would severely damage the ship. And these tests were well below expected combat conditions.

Davy Jones is rattling around in his coffin at the Naval Academy, just achin' to plant his bony foot up some admiral's ass. This is a disgrace.


LL said...

They are the result of an Obama Defense Department that never had a mission or focus besides integrating transexuals into the service while fighting the weather.

Phil said...

Just as an FYI, it is John Paul Jones who lies in repose at the Naval Academy. Davy Jones is a mythical figure purported to be living at "The bottom of the sea". Get your shit together land lubber!

LindaG said...

Let's hope they cancel this waste of a program for some proven naval battleships.

underground pewster said...

I am surprised that the current administration did not make them rig them with masts and sails in their quest to reduce our carbon emissions. They may need to consider this time proven way of traversing the seas if these mechanical monstrosities keep breaking down.

sig94 said...

Phil - you're absolutely right. Really got my metaphors mixed up. John P. Jones mortal remains are in a crypt in the chapel. Visited it about 20 years ago when we toured the Academy, quite an impressive sight.

*sigh* and I come from a Navy family... grandfather in WWI, father in WWII, brother in Vietnam War, a brother-in-law just retired from the Reserves and a nephew currently in the Reserves.