February 9, 2017

McMartin's - Over Half A Billion Swiped

A NASA contractor, Harold Martin III, has been indicted for stealing over a half billion - that's right billion - pages of classified documents over a twenty year period. That's 25 million pages a year. 

Sandy Berger would be proud...

From the WashTimes:
A former National Security Agency contractor has been indicted on 20 criminal counts involving the theft of highly classified information from the federal government during more than two decades of employment, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Harold T. Martin III of Glen Burnie, Maryland, is accused of stealing more than a half-billion pages of top-secret documents and records from the U.S. government from 1996 to 2016.

The indictment against Mr. Martin indicates that the classified documents found at his home and in his car included information from the NSA, the U.S. Cyber Command, the National Reconnaissance Office and the CIA.
They didn't have 64 GB memory sticks in 1996. Martin had to look like the Michelin Man stuffed with paper as he walked out of the building. There literally had to be clouds of classified documents flying in the wind behind his car as he drove home from work every evening.


Kid said...

He may have had way too much extra space in the crotch area of his trousers due to a small appendage in that area.

Well, I must say this doesn't even compare to Kellyanne Conway asking people to buy Ivanka stuff does it. She may deserve the death penalty....

LL said...

He needs to be shipped to Syria and left there.

Doom said...

Along with any judge who tries to block that, among other things. You do realize, Greeks could elect to have their politicians banished to... unhappy places. Heck, if someone was found to be undercutting Greek democracy as they understood it, they could kill that person with no questions asked. Well, though, then as in our beginnings, women couldn't vote.