February 10, 2017

Trump: Political Genius?

This comment  is from a post at Powerline:
The whole business of the “banning” order, Judge Robart’s insolent ruling, and the appeal by radio (or telephone) for all the world to hear and for recordings to be easily made and preserved, was exactly what Trump and his people planned when they went into retreat: Issue the order, have some partisan judge stop it, have an appeal to the notorious ninth circuit, have the two most senior and competent lawyers who could argue the case for the state recuse themselves (on however flimsy grounds) so that an ill-prepared junior has to suddenly step in and muck it up and - lo and behold! - Trump has completely immunized himself from any blame when the next Muslim terrorist attack is committed in the US. No wonder some of the brighter pundits on the right are now calling Trump “a political genius”.
Of course this begs two questions:
"What does Trump and his security people know that we don't? and
"Just how far is the left willing to trash Constitutional separation of powers."

Two prior Presidents (Carter and Obama) temporarily suspended immigration from Iran and Iraq due to their hostility towards this country with no interference from the courts. .


LL said...

The left suffers from a collective bi-polar illness that seems incurable.

Fredd said...

Now that the Left has lost all of its federal power at the voting booth, the only thing they have left is their malfeasance and skulduggery on the bench.

Expect more of it. A lot more.

Doom said...


For many years that worked for them though. I'm not sure what has changed. It sure isn't improved education.


If Trump was setting something up to be fixed, it was that. Or he really just didn't want to win. I don't theink we can know his motives. I guess, even with him, it's a bit of hope and faith that he really is on our side. Then again, there are some serious limits to what he can just do. I'm curious about any facts to a rumor that he will use a new tack on a new executive order. I'm curious, if it's true.

sig94 said...

We'll have to wait until Monday to see what Trump is planning and how the left wing madmen react. I wonder if things get so bad with radical leftists that Trump will just declare martial law and have at them? Now that would be exciting!

Kid said...

Yes, clearly there is a statute that gives the president power over the immigration spigot. Somehow the defective 9th circuit left it completely out of their 29 page brain vomit.