February 10, 2017

He WIll Not Incite Us

Shia LaPoof just had his live stream "He Will Not Divide Us" protest shut down because of violence. Also a factor was the number of idiots that were entering the NYC museum that hosted the camera; it violated the NYC building code that restricted the number of assholes that could enter a not-for-profit premise.
he Museum of the Moving Image in NYC says it turned off the cam mounted on one of its walls because it had become a "flashpoint for violence." Shia was arrested on January 25 when he allegedly got physical with a protester who showed up to oppose the movement.

There had been other physical altercations where no one was arrested -- with and without Shia -- and NYPD started patrolling the spot regularly.
A little more here.

The comments to this TMZ article are more entertaining:

Bummer. I'm going to be in NYC next weekend, and I was going to go kick him in his boygina.

all the violence came from shia and the extreme left, these turds shut down the live cam. the live stream was been taken over by trolls and the far right with the exception of a few lefty's who seem to be homeless/jobless. the head of the museum was kicking people out left and right because of their political views until he found out that it was illegal a few days later. the epic 4 year live stream failed because everyone who supported hillary does not care. shia lebouf, jaden smith and the museum curator are haters and babys who gave up.

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