February 4, 2017

Next Executive Order: Restrict Welfare Benefits For Immigrants?

The Washington Post is publicizing alleged drafts of new Presidential Executive Orders that will restrict welfare benefits for immigrants for at least five years after their entry into the US, deny entry for any immigrant who is at risk of becoming a public charge and to identify and remove immigrants who have become public charges. There are also recommendation to strengthen immigrant worker visa regulations to protect American jobs.

H/T DC Clothesline


Doom said...

It would also be good to make it so that any benefits would take double the charges to see a benefit... as with social security, to reach the top tier the first gens should have to put in much more. Perhaps even second and third gens. Still, this is looking better every day. It might be fake news though. If they can't undercut him one way, they'll try it another way. He has a LOT of enemies, a few to many of them are with him much of the time.

This could get nasty. I see why they often crumble. Most people aren't used to that kind of constant attack and betrayal. I still deal with it, but not to that level. The worst they can do is steal my home.

LL said...

I think those laws are already on the books. The executive order is just directing the Federal Bureaucracy to follow the law as made by Congress (what a novel thought - following the law).

Kid said...

Interesting how law and order, enforcing the laws and having competent people in government seems to most people to be radical.