February 1, 2017

Nuke The Dems With Justice Gorsuch

We need to get Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme's bench.
The Democrat's nuclear option created by Sen. Reid is just the way to go.
We get a true conservative on the Court and we piss off Schumer.
Release the nukes!



LL said...

Schumer doesn't understand that we're not tired of winning yet. (He doesn't understand the concept of making America great again. It's great for him - and the other thieves in Congress)

LindaG said...

Haha. I agree, too. Hubby says they need to go through the process first, then go to the nuke option.

I say the Dems need a dose of their own....

cannon said...

or, maybe better, congress recesses for easter, trump does a recess appointment, and the progs lose what little rational mind they have left.

Kid said...

SO Good. Lovin it.