February 3, 2017

Can Trump MAGA?

President Trump has promised to male America great again and the nation, half of it anyway, responded very optimistically. The Dow Jones hit 20,000 for the first time and has remained over 19,500 ever since; it's almost 19,900 this morning. After falling below 9,000 in 2009 this seems like an economic miracle. But the DJIA does not give a good picture of the American economy; there is much, much more. There are 92 million American out of work and good manufacturing jobs have left the country, perhaps for good. What jobs are widely available today are part-time retail and service jobs.

This article describes the poor economic condition of our nation and why the globalists like it that way. They have set Trump up as the fall guy when everything heads south as it was designed to do.
The following is written by Brandon Smith at the DC Clothesline.
As I outlined in my article ‘The False Economic Narrative Will Die In 2017’, the mainstream media has been carefully crafting the propaganda meme that the Trump administration is inheriting a global economy in “ascension,” when in fact, the opposite is true. Trump enters office at a time of longstanding decline and will likely witness severe and accelerated decline over the course of the next year. The signs are already present, and this fits exactly with the basis for my prediction of the Trump election win — conservative movements are indeed being set up as scapegoats for a global economic crisis that international financiers actually created.
Smith lists some economic conditions that Trump probably will not be able to reverse. Sure, there are conspiracy elements to this analysis, but who in their right minds thinks Obama was an accident?

  • The government cannot create wealth, it can only take it from one sector and give it to another. Trump promises to stimulate the private sector, but after eight years of Obama and  quantitative easing, is this possible?
  • The finances of too many nations are almost hopelessly intertwined due to decades of globalist fiscal manipulation. Because of this interdependency, tariffs will not be as effective in protecting our economic interests. For example, China can seriously damage our economy just by liquidating American debt. Trump must be careful here even though Mexico and Canada are chaffing at the bit to rewrite NAFTA.
  • Restoring our manufacturing base will be a long, lengthy process. Demand has to be generated, capital raised, factories built and workers trained. People must also be persuaded to come off the financial supports that have propped them for the past ten years. I'm not just talking about unemployment or welfare. Millions are now on SSI due to "mental depression."
[...]I understand that conservatives in particular want to “make America great again,” and I fully agree with that goal. But, someone has to point out the inconsistencies in the current strategy and recognize that the situation is beyond repair. To make America great again would require decentralized efforts to maximize production and self reliance at a local level, not centralized federal tinkering with the economy. The globalists have been far too thorough in their programs of interdependency. The only way out now is for the system to crash and for the right people to be in place to rebuild.
Trump has stated that our economy is in dismal shape, a dialogue in direct opposition to the economists, globalists and market seers who have been busily blowing fiscal  sunshine up our buttholes, wallets. They are lying. There are 92 million Americans (what the crap! That's the population of France and Australia combined!) sitting at home who can testify to this.

Many legislative and administrative fixes must be realized to help America become great again and there are political obstacles that must be overcome. Obama had the democrat dogs dry humping his leg and now they are baying after Trump like a bunch of bluetick hounds trying to tree a racoon.

If the Republicans can rein in McCain and other Republicans suffering from egomania/dementia and keep a majority in the House and Senate, his chances of succeeding are greatly increased.


Kid said...

Well, given NO One knows what the market is going to do tomorrow or next month, it is in a bubble. Just look at a chart of the S&P500 which is more America Inc than the Dow.

Sans details, I read some incredible market timers (Jeff Cooper for one) who has pointed to a lot of signs that lead to at least a 10% correction sometime in Feb or Early March. We'll see. That'd be 200 points on S&P and 2000 on the Dow. Market has come a Long way since the 2009 low. It could keep going too but a lot of investors (big ones) are getting nervous about a correction and have been selling rallies.

sig94 said...

Kid - what would you do? All I hear is to ride it out.

Kid said...

When I got enough info from the folks with the good track records, I moved my stock based 401 $ to a money market (cash) based fund about a month ago. I haven't regretted it yet. If this doesn't continue to seem to be the right course,I can always toss it back into stocks. I generally move it all, but for people that have sources of advice they trust, they could move part of it - 40%(?) into cash. They'd still get benefit if the market continues up, and if it does correct, toss it back in when they think the correction is over. If it works for them they end up with more shares for the next upleg.

If you talking about big money then I wouldn't move it all at once. Average out by selling the rallies and average in by buying the dips. That's what the pros do.

If you want to keep an eye on things, this is a good short almost daily checkup on the markets, usually written by Jeff Saut - incredible market analyst.