February 3, 2017

Forty-Seven Years Before The Berkeley Riots

I guess I started my law enforcement career during the Kent State riots in May, 1970. I was a junior and volunteered as a student marshal walking the Syracuse University campus at night. Riots? After the first night of arsons and vandalism it was a joke.

Students Occupy the Syracuse University Administration Bldg. - May 1970

The male students took their sleeping bags and girlfriends to the quad and screwed all night. There had to be hundred of them all over the quad. The sleeping bags reflected their activity as they slowly crept along due to their frenzied motions inside the bags. The student marshals called them “inchworms”. Posers and tools made speeches and the student body took a holiday.

Rich kids made a big fuss to get out of taking final exams and liberal professors agreed to pass/fail grading for all protestors. Students staged "die-ins" and laid down in front of classroom entrances.  I took great pleasure in stepping on them as I made my way to class. I was now paying for my education out of my own pocket and I was damned if these idiots were going to prevent me from getting my money's worth.

Bill Clinton’s general counsel when he ran for president, David Ifshin, was a classmate of mine running around the campus in a red bandanna and Che t-shirt. What a tool. That same year he was in Hanoi cavorting with communists accompanied by another traitor, Jane *spit* Fonda.  The only truly noble thing he ever did was die at an early age from cancer.

My dad lost his job in late 1969 and couldn’t help me financially any more. I was already working at several part time jobs so in July of 1970 (2 months after the riots) I got a job with the university campus security and worked full time as a patrol officer on midnights and went to school full time during the day. As a university employee I received six remitted credit hours per semester and that's how I managed to stay in school. In August of 1974 I joined the Syracuse PD. I got to know the supervisor in charge of the police intelligence section who was the brother of one of the officers I worked with on campus. I asked him about the riots.

The Intel supervisor, Sgt. Mannie Leone (now deceased), told me the Syracuse University student riots were due to the efforts of outside agitators. The PD had undercover cops infiltrate the meetings and saw what was happening. I worked with these cops after I graduated from the academy (top of my class) and have pix of them when they were undercover. You’d never know by looking at them - wild looking guys.

 Lynching Nixon at the New House School of Journalism

That’s one of the reasons why the Chief at the time (Tom Sardino) would not send riot police on campus, also the SU admin was real nervous about having a bunch of cops beat the crap out of these rich, snotty kids. We now know that these outsiders who raised hell all over the country were mainly sponsored by the KGB as discovered when the USSR broke apart 21 years later. The SU students just went along for the ride as did many students throughout many campuses.  Add to this mix of malcontents thousands of grad students who in 1969 lost their perpetual draft deferments
The most sweeping change in the new statute -- elimination of mass graduate school deferments -- will not go into effect until next year. In the interim, the National Security Council will advise the President whether or not any non-medical-dental deferments should be given. If more deferments are granted, they are expected to be restricted to scientists or engineers.
Many students planned to stay in college forever to avoid the draft. Throw in some KGB funding and you had a perfect storm of assholes spoiling to raise hell.

Now today, instead of the KGB, it is Soros and the globalists stirring the pot and providing the funds.
Some things never change.


Fredd said...

The last draft was held in 1972. I graduated in 1973 and enlisted in 1974, best thing that ever happened to me.

The Army taught me how to be where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be there. I learned respect for authority and a sense of urgency.

My sad sack parents really fell down on the job with me, but thanks to ol' Drill Sergeant Dunston, it didn't take me all that long to figure things out.

Doom said...

What irks me, is that the government has known that education has been corrupted by our enemies and has simply surrendered it to them, at great cost. If America falls, it will be because of that corruption. The whole education apparatus needs to be cleaned, wiped clear of those influences, and then reset under tight controls. Or, simply, defund it completely. A lot of the problem is the wealth being thrown at it, at this point.

Our government has failed us, and it seems likely it did so in such a manner as to betray us.

sig94 said...

Fredd - I was on the first draft lottery back in 1969. I watched on an old B&W Stromberg-Carlson television as two government employees pulled slips of paper with dates on them out of a bin. My birthday came out number 276 so I was in the upper third of the potential draftee pool and would probably not be drafted (I wasn't). In the very same lottery a friend come out #11. He joined the Coast Guard and was killed in a helicopter crash a year later.

God works in mysterious ways. I don't know how my life would have been changed if I had been drafted. I know that being a cop for 24 years certainly had its affect. Thank you fr your service Fredd.

sig94 said...

Doom - yes, and a college education is now seen almost as a right; certainly as a necessity. We don't need anymore communications majors, or gender studies experts or useless crap like that. Institutions of so called higher education need to be knocked down a few pegs and all government funding limited to defense research.