February 18, 2017

No Fear

One reporter takes a step back and provides a good summary of President Trump's treatment of the media at the last press conference.
It seems most politicians fear the media, or at the very least they are afraid of offending their sensibilities resulting in negative coverage. Not so with Trump, who spoke his mind, refused to let the reporters gain any kind of control or authority and limited their questions when he felt they had said enough.
I still think that CNN's Acosta went over the line and should have been spanked more harshly than he was. But the President was very patient and handled him courteously. Acosta is an arrogant fool and his WH press credentials should be revoked. The transcript of this exchange can be read here.

More here.


LL said...

They need to move the press out of the White House, across the street to the White House Conference Center - and invite vetted members of the public to ask questions too. Or maybe have special "blogger press conferences" and elevate bloggers to CNN status?

LindaG said...

I still think the whole lot of them should be replaced by conservative bloggers and the internet websites who supported President Trump through the whole process. Like LL just commented.

Have a safe, blessed weeekend.

Kid said...

Agreed Sig. I saw this press conference as an olive branch to an undeserving gaggle of media God Complex obsessed POS's.

I fully expect those who failed to see the significance of the olive branch will be cast aside. I would cast them aside.

jeff zucker (head of CNN) enthusiastically encourages all his POS fake news presenters to turn up the volume. There must be a consequence.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He gave them the spanking they needed, but I'm afraid won't take.