February 16, 2017

Trump Spanks The Media

President Trump held a press conference this afternoon and used this opportunity to slap the media around. You can listen to it here or read Rush Limbaugh's transcript of the presser here.

Trump excoriated the press and their "very fake news" in a way that no other President has done. It was like a terrier shaking a rat. But he does it in such a non-threatening way; no shouting or vilifying or name calling. Trump has a way of dealing with unpleasant subjects that makes it hard to get offended - as long as you're not a loon. Loons are different: difficult, unpleasant people. Lefty loons are even worse. Yeah, if you're a loon there is nothing that you can't take offense at.

Legal Insurrection has an article that relates how the media continues to have a royal snit over their education under Teacher Trump's tutelage.
"The journalists at ABC on Wednesday erupted in “open hostility” to Donald Trump, accusing the President of “shutting down part of the First Amendment” by not calling on network reporters at a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Jon Karl, Cecilia Vega and Matt Dowd repeatedly whined about the “conservative” questioners who were chosen, lamenting that the preferred narrative of the liberal media wasn’t highlighted.

In the post-press conference coverage, Vega ranted, “I want to tell you about the open hostility right here in this room. You know, I’m sitting right here kind of in the middle of the pack of a number of journalists, mainstream reporters, if you will, and there is open anger in here about the fact the President did not take any real questions about the issue of the day.”
Angry liberal tears are best served chilled, shaken not stirred, with a shot of derision.


Kid said...

This was an excellent Press Conf.

Summarizing, Trump said "I hope we can get along (press and me) but if we can't that's Ok too."

Yes, he was amused by the little brats and handled them very well.

LL said...

CNN is spouting invective toward President Trump tonight, the same as always. It's hate speech, except that the corrupt, elite, progressive, smug mainstream media is incapable of hate speech - because they're not conservative. Us on the other hand - if we say, "Nice day, isn't it?" - that's hate speech.

sig94 said...

Kid - Trump is all, "If you kids don't stop it I'll turn this car around and ..."

sig94 said...

LL - And then they squeal that Trump is destroying the 1st Amendment. They conveniently forgot how they cheered and applauded when Obugger attacked Fox News, huh?

Kid said...

Trump's code name should be Sharkbite. Perfect.