February 12, 2017

Justices Gone Wild

The 9th Circuit Court just realized it stepped on its collective dick. A sua sponte motion (a motion not made by either party but by a judge all on his lonesome) was filed by the Court to reconsider its dick stepping decision this week. Perhaps this time they will choose interpretive pole dancing instead of Constitutional law.
From the Conservative Treehouse:
Oh, the winning… it’s often too funny. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is now independently, on its own impetus, requesting an internal vote on a full panel en banc hearing to review its own decision.

Additionally, the full ninth are asking the Trump administration to file an additional brief telling the court why the three member original appeals ruling authority was wrong. In essence, the smart judges know what wasn’t considered, and are now looking for an out.

You just can’t make this stuff up.
The Justice Department was asked to submit another brief in support of its case; it appears as if they may ignore it. Trump doesn't have to do a thing but let the Court stew in its own juices.


Kid said...

Oh Please God !

LindaG said...

Exactly right. They had no standing to begin with. Let them implode of their own accord.

LL said...

I think that an interpretive liturgical dance by the lesbians on the court would be don't need a may pole or anything that exotic.

Doom said...

Get it done, but too little too late. They took that line - bait, hook, and sinker and all. They did exactly what was needed to end judicial activism through weakening the court. Maybe more.

Good thing? Man, maybe. We are living in dangerous times. I am really beginning to trust Trump, but is he becoming a politician, so shouldn't be trusted? We'll see. But I'm... generally thinking he is setting these things up to be done exactly as needed, and is pulling media and et. al. strings to get that to happen. If it's good or evil? It is a beautiful thing. Playing them like fiddles.