March 26, 2017

Cincinnati Shows England How It's Done

Here England, hold my beer and watch this.
One person has died and multiple victims have been shot after police say two gunmen opened fire on revelers inside of a Cincinnati nightclub.

Authorities are searching for the two shooters who fled the scene after the incident that happened around 1am at Cameo Club on Kellogg Avenue in the city.

At least 15 people were taken to nearby hospitals after being struck by stray gunfire inside the venue.

Capt. Kim Williams said there was 'just a lot of chaos, obviously, when shots were fired.

'Saturday night, it is a very young crowd. We have had incidents here in the past, but this is by far the worst.'
Story here.


Kid said...

Blacks? moslems? Crazy people?

Black moslem crazy people?

sig94 said...

Kid - we'll see. Could be some gangbangers out for a lark, revenge kind of thing.

Longbow said...

Uhmmm, lemme guess... "Teens"?