October 22, 2009

Can you imagine what the political landscape would be without Fox?

Obama's war on Fox & half the country

By Allan Erickson at American Thinker

On the one hand, we should celebrate the war between Fox News and the White House.

It is a good thing President Obama & Co. are angry with Fox. It means Fox is doing its job, you know, holding the Executive Branch accountable, like a real news organization. This is good news. Traditionally in America, the Fourth Estate's role has been to challenge those in power, challenge the assumptions, examine the assertions, and check for accuracy, all the while carrying both sides of the story.

A real news organization serves the people, acting as a check on power by informing people so they can make good decisions at the polls.

The fact that Fox is holding Obama's feet to the fire should cause rejoicing.

On the other hand, there are three bad news dimensions to all this: the rest of the media is content to lick Obama's boots, true to pattern Obama is glad to selfishly attack a private news organization (by the way, the most highly rated television news group in the nation), and the more Nero fiddles, the higher the flames.

Barack Obama is happy to fight a war on Fox.

Oh, that the Commander in Chief would fight the war on terror with as much energy and focus.

The truth is Barack Obama is becoming a most divisive President.

He preaches unity with his mouth, but with his hands, he sows seeds of division. Do not forget how he applied thug tactics during the campaign while denigrating Fox, insulting average Americans as gun-toting Bible thumpers, encouraging racial tensions as he always had through 'community organizing,' i.e., ACORN. Never forget how his machine took money from overseas. Remember how he raised an enormous war chest via the internet with no way to track donors. Don't overlook the thug tactics used during the Texas caucuses, how law enforcement was instructed to suppress media criticism in Missouri, how free speech and a free press were quelled in Chicago when a reporter sought to cover Obama's Chicago activities via Annenberg and Ayers and 'education reform.'

Notice today his army of Czars: radical leftists, race baiters, anti-American globalists, distinctly and angrily opposed to most traditional American values.

And now we have his media czar Anita Dunn singing the praises of Chairman Mao, and bragging that the Obama campaign controlled the media. All this coming at a time she calls Fox nothing more than a Republican mouthpiece. (Never mind that half of Fox's viewers are Democrats and Independents, according to a recent survey by the Global Marketing Research Center.)

Thanks to the internet (which Obama seeks to control as well), those who are wise consumers of media and news have been paying attention. They know full well this President and his operatives are capable of most anything now. The lies and misrepresentations increase almost daily.



Bungalow Bill said...

We'd be good little commies right now if it wasn't for Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Bill, remember when we used to make fun of Pravda?

Mike said...

I´m just waiting for Obama´s admin. to build a red brick wall around the WH compound with some jade green spires ala the Kremlin.

Sorry I haven´t been by much (at all) lately, but been workin' on some new digs. It´s essentially up and running and I just wanted to tell you I´ll be around more regularly soon. Very soon. Also, you´re welcome at my campfire anytime. I put a link at the Exblogitate blog, but I´ll leave it here to if that´s ok (sheepish grin).


See you soon.

Rhod said...

If Obama keeps crawling up to his perch on the dunk tank, let him.

I can't believe that the phalanx of fools around this clown knows what it's doing.

They've lived in the bell jar of radical leftism so long that the vacuum turned their brains to jelly.

Supergranny said...

FOX is invaluable...if not for them...who would tell us that we've put our underwear on the outside of our pants...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Thank, Mike. I'll stop by and visit.

Anonymous said...

Rhod, that may be where we disagree. I believe his posse knows exactly what it's trying to achieve. Whether they are successful is a whole 'nother issue.

Anonymous said...

Granny, thanks for reminding me before I left the house.

I love being Right said...

Do you think the next CZAR will be a media or news CZAR??

I'm betting on that one. Since we all aren't smart enough to figure out what 'real news' is. I'm curious as to their next move on this.

Teresa said...

If it wasn't for Fox News we wouldn't know the TRUTH. We would be getting fed the dribble and lies from the MSM and not knowing it was a bunch of Whooey.

Anonymous said...

ILBR, the next czar will be the Everything Is Wonderful Czar.

Anonymous said...

Terri... Fox, talk radio and the blogs are the only entities between Obama and total control. He'll be coming after us!

Libertarian Advocate said...

Nickie: I posted on this point too at

Anonymous said...

LA..; It's a story that, yet again, represents a very real attack on Liberty and our freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Nicolai, you would still look spiffy with your diaper outside los pantalones.

Fox is like any other human institution, that is, imperfect. For now, it's a critical link in the info chain. Its power and influence is growing exponentially b/c of the misguided attack by Obama. Keep it up, I say.

All those who think we'd be up a creek w/o Fox, though, bear in mind ... the blogs, the internet, talk radio, some one, some thing will ... must fill the void because this remains a center-right nation.

We will prevail. Keep at it.