October 21, 2009

Top 10 Most Odious Phrases/Words: The Ballots Have Been Counted

I am resisting pressure from Hillary Clinton for a recount to lend legitimacy to the Top 10 Most Odious Phrases/Words in the English Language. Accordingly, we'll roll out the Honorable Mention in the morning.

Thank you all for your nominations. I'm not gonna lie, you were a big help. If I don't get it right, well, "My bad". And yes, though this might be paradigm shift for this here blog, this is "heavy lifting" that needs to be done and is serving the nation. We've got to set some benchmarks for how to roll these out, and we will. We've got to get this right.

Like, whatever.


The_Kid said...

DC, I trust you will be leveraging your Synergies to Raise the Bar and Exceed Expectaions for this Top 10 post you speak of by Utilizing a Think Outside the Box, Win-Win Strategy in order to provide Robust Exposure without subjecting us all to Scope Creep.

In a nutshell, I'm sure your Top Down style at Circling the Wagons will result in a truly Mission Critical offreing on your part through this Portal.

No doubt you'll be doing the Heavy Lifting as you Step Up To The Plate with a Customer Centric Focus so that no Red Flags are raised when you present your Deliverable to us minions.

A Goal Oriented A Player like yourself should be pround that at the End of The Day you'll be judged as Best of Breed even though behind the scenes your Burn Rate may have exceeded your personal best at Multi-Tasking.

I can't wait to Re-Visit your Top Ten.

Bottom Line, this is a No Brainer.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kid. Awesome.

Rhod said...

Kid's comment is the best thing since sliced bread.

The_Kid said...

Thanks guys,

Rhod - toast does sound good right now.