October 27, 2010

Coming to an Election Near You Next Week ...

The Incredible Hulk ...
Yes, it's true. Or, at least let's hope.
How much carnage will there be?
Friends, the indispensible Jay Cost is on the record predicting Republican gains of 60. That's pretty much carnage.
Really, though, it's carnage like where George C. Scott (as Patton) is touring the battlefield the morning after his troops had been routed by the Germans. You old-timers remember the scene.
But ... to get to Olberman's head is turning around Exorcist style ... we need to amp it, like Incredible Hulk carnage ... like post-Braveheart battle scene carnage.

Here is Jay Cost's yearning to break free and become the Hulk. Bear in mind: Jay is analyzing the Gallup generic ballot numbers and deciding which way his prediction will go. He is expecting numbers soon that may very well make his shirt start fitting like Goomba's college letter sweater he got for curling.
Keep your eye on Jay Cost. He is the smartest, most accurate political analyst in the country, period.
To get out in front of Cost, though, I am going to go on record and say it ... 80 seats ... under 60, I will be disappointed.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Nickie, curling really?

Anonymous said...

Damn skippy, my friend. I was First Stone for the Pasadena City College team.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be nimble to curl on sand, Wood.