October 29, 2010

I am pissed.

I heard Charles Krauthammer eschewing the "angry" label the other night, saying that instead he would rather paint the attitude of the electorate as "concerned." Charles, ever the erudite one, made the point that anger is irrational and the media will portray any political victory based upon it as flowing from an irrational impulse, sort of like those of our old buddy Howard Beale.

Although I understand Krauthammer's point, I disagree that anger is necessarily irrational. Is it irrational to burn with rage against some one who tries to destroy what you hold dear? What if they vilify what you hold dear? And attempt to destroy those who would protest against their misdeeds?

Now we have the smear -- actually the latest, but most vile, in a long line of smears -- against Christine O'Donnell. If you want to know how utterly craven the modern left is, try being a Christian woman or minority and also conservative. You are hated because you prove -- by your very existence -- the malfeasance and hypocrisy of the left. Meanwhile, the complicit, copy-cat, conformist media avert their eyes, or perhaps chortle along.

It is very difficult to get my mind around and express in the English language the ugliness of the back-stabbing, cowardly evil that uses women and minorities as chattel and then devours them when the deed is done.

Is it rational to be angry at this? Rather, I would ask, what is wrong with you if you feel no anger?

I am pissed at union zombies busing in union members and bird-dogging them in Nevada to make sure they toe the union line in this election. Everywhere you turn, we must keep an eye out for cheating by Democrats. It enrages me.

Simply seeing Harry Reid pisses me off (except for that picture of him praying. That makes me smile every single time.). And Nancy Pelosi.

And I am pissed at the spineless Republican establishment that failed to tar-and-feather Lisa Mruskinovich and Mike Castle for undermining Republicans' choices for the Senate ... and for failing to support Christine O'Donnell while she takes the fight to the now-clean-shaven Marxist. Dammit!

She is laying it on the line and getting savaged, and these people sit by and watch?!!

I don't have time to get into all that pisses me off about Obama. He shoots the finger at the American electorate, jamming through legislative power grabs that even Demos oppose. He advocates for every miscreant the world over with a grievance against America. He is a very small, insecure man in a big, big position. The juxtaposition causes me to squint so as to hurt my eyes. The veins in my temple begin to throb. I am so pissed.

Our pathetic president who campaigned as post-racial endlessly race-baits ... telling a black audience that Republicans need to "sit in back" and an hispanic audience that opponents of open borders are "enemies."

I wonder if Marco Rubio can be a friend. And where does Col. Allan West sit?

I am pissed.

I would say I am going to vote, but I already have. So, now I am getting others to vote.

You see, my anger is focused like a laser-beam. I am clear-eyed, stone-cold sober -- very rational -- and on the job until it's done.

It only begins next Tuesday.


Rhod said...

I think Krauthammer is a shrink.

Conservative or not, he's the sort of guy who would say that the kid who knifes his gym teacher, is "acting out". It's PC. He can't resist the urge.

And I wasn't pissed today until I read your great post, DC.

Semper Fi.

Randy-g said...

I too am almost as pissed off at the establishment Repubs, as the demonic Dems.....Almost.

Starsplash said...

The left is gasping for breath as thier days wain. They have at most 10 maybe 15 years left. They have failed to replace their numbers by birth. Thier old are dying, and there strenght of ideals aflush with compromise. They are washed up and washing out. They have become the criminals that in their yute's they railed against so vehemently.

The flood of change is coming, and those who have stood firm in the principals of this republic under God. The tsunami has come in, and the detritis that is become the scumocrats is purged into the sea to be lost forever and found no more having been consumed by the depths of the pit that is their soul.

Be ye cleansed and may ye be awash with joy, and may the victory be a sweet savor in your souls, that ye also may give praise to the most high God for it is he that brings the great low, and raises up the humble that he may be magnified. Jesus says that he does these things not for our glory, but for the Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In other words....Buck up Boys cause WE ARE GOING TO WIN!

sig94 said...

You got it DC.

It may be posited that concern is a harbringer of anger. Anger is not irrational, it is a completely rational reaction to a perceived threat. It forms when legitimate concerns are ignored, or even worse, scorned and subjected to ridicule by those in authority. If you cannot get angry when someone threatens your family, there is something wrong with you.

Anger is an emotion, nothing more, nothing less. It is a motivator that prepares us for action: it is the autonomic nervous system kicking in the sympathetic component for fight or flight response. It floods our bodies with adrenalin, shuts down blood circulation to digestive organs and increases blood flow to muscles where it may be needed, releases nutrients into the blood, inhibits sexual arousal in males as well as perpheral vision so we focus better on what is in front of us. Even constricts the sphincter - the "pucker" factor.

"Be angry and sin not" is a biblical injunction to control this emotion. It is no sin to be angry; but it is wrong to let it get out of control. Use your anger to address a situation, then stop.

Even God gets angry and it is a fearful, awesome thing. And to a politician, it is fearful thing to have tens of millions of angry voters at your door.

The lesson is this: Beware of patient men who get angry. Our nation was founded by such men who brought firearms and lots of ammunition to the protest.

Phooey on all the jellied intellectuals and their weepy concern over anger, get out there and vote angry. And hang on to your firearms, they still may be needed.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take!

Anonymous said...

Great comments. Thank you, Rhod. Yes, Krauthammer is a shrink. Forgot that.

Randy, me, too.

And Sig, great point. Jesus was pretty ticked and turned some tables over -- in the temple, no less -- I do recall. "Beware of patient men who get angry. Our nation was founded by such men who brought firearms and lots of ammunition to the protest." Indeed.

Nyctimene Dabori said...

Chucky K is a REPUBLICAN who is doing a very good job of towing the REPUBLICAN line. He's a shill.

I am part of the TEA party movement. I tow my own line.

I should also say that the TEA Party Express is a shill organization because they have 1) a leadership and 2) are contributing money to political causes as an organization.

Anonymous said...

DC, you've captured the mood perfectly. When the first guns, torches and nooses are unleashed, the targets should be media folks who've provided cover for all this crap.

Hang a few and watch the landscape change. Make them fear us more than they fear Islam.

sig94 said...

DC sez "Jesus was pretty ticked and turned some tables over -- in the temple, no less -- I do recall. "

John 2:15

What is not usually commented upon is that Jesus calmly made a whip - fashioned it by hand from cords/ropes - and then beat the daylights out of the money changers and merchants at the Temple as well as turning over tables. In this single instance, Jesus carefully prepared himself to do violence to those who deeply offended Him because of His strongly held beliefs.

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

DC I agree, anger is not necessarily irrational. It can be, and in this case is, a motivating emotion. We are clear headed and focused on that which has made us angry - the callous and blatant disregard for liberty - and we will be laser-like as we eradicate the source of that anger from our government. Pure and simple. CK should know better, and perhaps he does, but I think everyone on FNC has been given the word to ensure NOTHING they say can be construed as a call to violence, and so they are cautiously going overboard the other way. That's ok, we ALL know what the deal is. obama and ALL his cronies have to be dismissed from government (and future influence of government), regardless of how long that process takes!

Anonymous said...

Hoping, that is outstanding. Yes, we are going to work the process ... as long as it takes.

Nick, deep breath ... let's make 'em listen to an endless loop of Sandy Patti instead.

Good grief, Dabori ... good luck with that coalition of one. Tea Party Express are shills? What about Rubio? He won the Republican primary. Christ is a Demo.

Anonymous said...

Correction, DC:

Crist is a Demo.
Christ is a Conservative.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nick. "My bad." "Oye." Oh, well, actually Christ was a pretty good revolutionary.

christian soldier said...


Tony said...

Oh, the drama! The movie "Network" which contains Howard Beale's line "I'm angry and I'm not going to take it anymore" is the perfect analogy to today's right wing.

In the movie, Beale's irrational anger was co-opted by the television network executives and played up for ratings. Today, the false-victimhood and goofy indignation is used to advantage by power-brokers in order to promote their message.

In the end, Belae melts down into self-destruction. You're not too far from that, my friend.