October 27, 2010

Please Feed The Lions

An alleged White House insider is starting to spill the beans about Obama's problems with corruption. And the cookie crumb trail leads straight to Chicago. Although the inside scoop is being released bean by bean, if it is true, it gives a tantalizing glimpse of the wheels falling of The Obama Bus after the elections.

The glorious thing is this: not if, but when the Republicans take over the House, Obama loses his cover. Pelosi won't be there to shield him; Obama will finally be exposed. It won't be pretty - it will be beautiful.

[...[ Enough people are sniffing in the same garbage pile anyways, including the Times. Though I suspect they are burying it at the moment, or trying to. They are still heavily invested in Obama, but that may change soon… Go back to Chicago. That is the key. There is other crap around the White House, other things that could trip them up, but Chicago is where the real heavy deal is that could bring the administration down.

[...] Remember Lewinski? If the Democrats had not lost Congress in 1994, there would have been no scandal – at least not to the extent that it became. But Democrats didn’t control Congress, and so the scandal was allowed – encouraged by those -expletive- Republicans to move ahead. Same thing with Watergate. Democrats in Congress allowed the scandal to grow and move ahead. That’s how it works. And now we have a Democrat President, realizing he is looking at a Republican Congress, and he is facing a real -expletive- storm.

[...] The word is out there – President Obama is in real trouble. They may not have the specifics, but the story of a big scandal coming is circulating now within the party – both parties. So why put your own political career on the line supporting a president who is facing such a fiasco? Simple – they won’t. And so you are seeing the separation happening. The party itself is starting to separate itself from the president. You ever watch those nature programs where the herd doesn’t hang out with the sick one? You got that poor sick antelope or whatever standing all by itself and when it tries to join back with the herd they run away from it? They’ll even attack it themselves if they have to. That’s what happens in politics. If you are in real trouble, the others separate from you. That is what is happening to the president right now.

What matters after the elections is whether or not the Republicans are hungry enough to go after the big game. It is more efficient to hunt as a team so Repubbies - stay together on this one. Antelope, zebra, wildebeest - it doesn't matter. Please feed the lions.

And pass me a rib if you don't mind...


Anonymous said...

The biggest game of this election is---election fraud; nation wide!
This is in all accounts and definitions = Insurrection.
Any Incumbent (Local, State, Federal Office Holder) not willing to round up and prosecute these participants, are under the 14th Amendment Sec.3; equal to giving aid and comfort!
Allowing everyone who is willing to STAND UP for the Constitution, and BLOCK (The Incumbent parties benefiting) Their Oaths In January!

Opus #6 said...

I think there will be a number of subpoenas filed in DC in the coming year.

sig94 said...

Anon - The reports are coming in faster and faster. The fact that SEIU members are manning many of the voting stations is frightening. Every single instance of fraud must be investigated completely.

sig94 said...

Opus - subpoenas then warrants then arrests Oh My!

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that Obama is so short-sighted ... he sold out the Demos and cut their throats, as well. He made them walk the plank and cost a lot of people careers, rather than scaling back agendas. I won't be surprised to see him get it from all sides.

Anonymous said...

I'm also concerned about the filthy cheating ways of Chicago Dems. I have little doubt that this will be the most corrupt election of my lifetime.

We must swamp them next week.

Anonymous said...

Nick, worse than Reconstruction?

Anonymous said...

Yup! Although. to this day, the mention of Andrew Johnson sets my blood to boilin'.

Subvet said...

In the bigger picture, how does this affect the nation? I recall Watergate and the way things seemed to change, it wasn't pretty and none of it was good.

Same with Lewinsky, efforts to impeach Slick Willie for lying about where he "dipped his wick" only resulted in constant thirsting for retaliation during the Bush years.

When B.O. was elected I knew he'd have a detrimental effect on the nation. He himself couldn't turn us into a facist state in four or eight years. But he sure could weaken us. Tell me that hasn't already started.

A scandal such as what's hinted will bring the roof down. It's inevitable and in the long run will be better than just letting the culture of corruption continue in DC. Both parties need a good fumigating and if this post is even half on target that will probably happen.

Sometimes taking necessary medicine will result in a very weakened body (think chemo). The alternative is much worse, but the treatment certainly isn't anything to jump for joy over.

I look forward to the fumigation, we may finally return to a point where politicians know they answer to the people, we may finally come together as a people instead of increasingly balkanizing ourselves into special interest groups.

I pray the detrimental effects are minimal.

Let's kick ass and take names, if it gets too hectic then forget about the names.