October 29, 2010

DC's Bonus Election Coverage: On the Art of Persuasion ...

I've been thinking over my prior post, in which I expressed what a lot of us conservatives are rightfully feeling these days -- anger. I seem to have struck a chord (especially since I am the liberal "RINO" around here). I jest, but long-time Goombaphiles understand.

Well, I am the same guy that wrote "I am pissed," but I want to encourage you to take a look at what we are experiencing from another angle -- that would be the angle of persuasion.

When we communicate what we are thinking about the issues of the day in these most conseqential times, let's remember that we have several audiences. First, we have the true believers and fellow travelers; these are the ones who are most fired up by "I am pissed" red meat. Others ... such as those inclined to agree with us but yet unmotivated, along with the great unwashed (unsure what they think, I know, it's hard to fathom sometimes but true) are unlikely to be persuaded by "red meat," much less anger.

The hard-core opposition, i.e., the Kossacks and such, are pretty much impervious to what we might say, other than to gauge the level of our commitment. I would say expressing anger is a neutral here.

For those who disagree but are open to what we have to say, I would say that this group would probably be turned off by our anger about as much as any group.

Krauthammer has yet to review my findings and approve, but this is what I think.

Bottom line: Anger is generally a poor technique of persuasion. It's a net negative. Think Hillary screeching "We have a right to disagree!!" Think Joy Behar. Okay, sorry about that. But you get the point.

Let's back up a minute. Obama and the Demos won the '08 election, so they get to govern (for a while). Jon Stewart's critique from the left notwithstanding, Obama has done a lot of what he said he would do. He's done arguably the most important thing done by or for the Left in 50 years -- Obamacare. For those listening during the campaign, it was quite clear that Obama would do just as he has done if he had the legislative support.

It seems to me the people to be mad at are the buffoons who bought the line (without any evidence whatsoever) that Obama was a mainstream liberal.

So, how do we persuade those who can be persuaded? My suggestion is that we keep making the case, in as interesting a fashion as possible, while mixing in good measure of levity ... and humility.

If our audience believes that we view ourselves as better than they are, well, we've lost already. Good people can be wrong, and bad people can be right. It's a good thing, for we are all "bad," if you will.

Most of all, I think persuasion requires a clear communication of the message and a strength of character to see the message delivered, in spite of distractions, static, and obstacles. Think Chris Christie. One of my great frustrations over the past few years has been the dearth of "teaching" in public life on what it means to be a conservative, and more fundamentally, an American. We who love this land are always on duty to communicate our vision. If we fail to do so, eventually no one will be left who understands.

Of course, all of this is no easy task, particularly when we are in a mortal struggle with ghoulish post-modernists for the very survival of the nation. But the stakes are too high to give up.

In the end, remember that Atticus Finch's strength of character -- more than his mere words -- is what proved his cause to be just.


Anonymous said...

"Bottom line: Anger is generally a poor technique of persuasion."

True, but it's a valuable tool just 5 days before election day.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Kemosabe. And remember how "we" needed it to get out of that valley when "we" were surrounded by thousands of hostile Indians.

Anonymous said...

I have learned to channel my anger into reasoning.I use Chris Christie as a example.

Wetzy said...

I'll calm down on Wednesday.

sig94 said...

I have learned to channel Attila the Hun. And I fear that is what will be needed as America's ability to reason slides into oblivion just like the current young generations' SAT scores. There is still a large component of American adults who can see through the emotional smoke that has come to replace sound logic in todays' political arenas. But that number will grow smaller and smaller.

I still cannot understand my fellow countrymen's inability to see through the farce that is our President until it was shoved down their throats. Unless drastic measures are taken to rescue the popular culture from the satanic morass it is in, this may be our last hurrah.

I shudder at the words of John Adams: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

In order to govern an immoral people the government must be equipped with such powers as would render many of our freedoms moot.

LL said...

Nuke 'em 'till they glow and use their asses for runway lights.

The_Kid said...

DC. I don't think it matters. Liberals are children.

Whether you scream SOCIALISM DOESN'T WORK - LOOK AROUND!" or whether you spend an hour whispering, smiling and escorting afore mentioned liberal around the internet on a magical trip on the reality train, it doesn't make any difference.

At the end, the liberal will still scream "I WANT A COOKIE! I WANT A COOKIE!"

You can't reason with the irrational. Too bad, so sad, the only course of action is take away the freakin Cookie Jar and give them a time out.

The_Kid said...

Wetsy. LOL.

The_Kid said...

Sig, Well said and true of course.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's true we are unable to reason with some. That's what I said in the post. But we can mobilize, influence and win over a number of folks.

Think Ronald Reagan.

sig94 said...

DC - if they ain't mobilized, energized, polarized, exercised and homogenized under these current unbelieveably volatile political conditions... well, they be dead. Get 'em outta the parlor and into the ground afore they stink 'cause we be runnin' outta ice.

sig94 said...

LL - my analyst will make me stay an extra half hour for doing this, but they really glow too dim for runway lights, especially in the fog. For the faint glow they provide, use them as night time bicycle racks.