October 25, 2010

Is this as creepy to you as it is to me?

And what's with this new world order "International" House of Pancakes? What ever happened to American food?


Anonymous said...

C'mon ... you never ran across the field with a handful of balloons on the way to the IHOP? Good grief, what a deprived childhood.

Anonymous said...

DC, I need to know what Freud would say.

sig94 said...

Those meatballs all carefully arranged in a row, same with the breakfast sausages. You will eat them from left to right!

International House of Discipline.

The_Kid said...

My God, I'm finally thrilled to know I spent all of 1969 in a gutter and missed these commercials. They may have ruined me for life.

Instead I've got a nice overcoat, and some Florsheim shoes to show for my trouble.

Barking Spider said...

So.... the musicians were playing underwater and the singer was on helium - the drugs must have been great back then!