October 23, 2010

DC's Music Festival -- Ladies' Night

I am starting to get a little c. 1979-1980 feeling. Ah, yes. How about you?

The 80's -- lampooned by the left as a meaningless time of drift -- was actually a very good decade for many. As the nation turned its back on Carter's days of malaise and moved forward, America assailed the supposedly inexorable forces of government growth and communism expansion at the same time.

This weekend's featured band burst onto the scene at the beginning of the decade when America was learning to believe and take risks again.

Fittingly, these Southern California girls were the first female band band to both write their own music and play their instruments ... and top the Billboard charts. So, like Sandra Day O'Connor, they made history (and some good tunes) in the 80's.

Plus, they had Belinda Carlisle. Okay, enough intro ...

Here they are with their best, I think, a tune that makes me smile and puts a giddy-up in my step each time it plays:

Check it out HERE. Plus, it contains good advice for weathering Demo attacks in the last few days of a political campaign.

And finally, this weekend we have an encore presentation of Tammy Wynette's smash hit, very tenderly performed by the Blues Brothers ... also in 1980. This one goes out to Barney Frank, who remains in a very tight reelection race in the home of the first Tea Party back in 1773 (1776 for leftists who never studied American history). Subtitles provided for our readers in Asia.


Rhod said...

Barney is in a "very tight" reelection race?

Unfortunate phrase.

sig94 said...

The tune is okay, but I really liked the 1960 LeSabre.

An election is the only time Bawney doesn't like it tight with another man.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to you two ... my lips are sealed.

Anonymous said...

Sig, as the Bridge of the Triple-G (that would be the Goomba Generation Gap), let me break it to you: You and Rhod are too damn old to appreciate a lot of these tunes, even if you could still hear. But hey.

banned said...

Blues Bros, top movie.

sig94 said...

Huh? Waddayasay? Type louder!

Rhod said...

DC, Sig and Goomba know more about Kitty Carlisle than Belinda Carlisle, although having married a woman much younger than I am, I'm hip (replacement material).

Anonymous said...

Banned, right on. It is a classic flick.