October 19, 2010

Democrats: The Party of Maher and Bahar

The Republicans have let conservatives down in a number of ways, for sure.

But in life, there are alternatives to our choices. Now we know what we get with the Demos -- a complete, unmitigated trainwreck of a government.

With their backs to the wall and too cowardly to run on the disasterous Obama agenda which they support (Pennsyvania Gov. Ed Rendell called them "wussies" for this yesterday), Democrats instead mock the Christian faith of their opponents. We need some more words to describe this ... words fail me here.

But this is where the post-modern Left always is yearning ... with its tired, huddled masses ... to break free and go -- to lambast some one for having real faith. Usually, they restrict this behavior to NY, San Francisco, and college classrooms, however (where mature adults cannot see it in full flower). Now, backed into a corner, though, they are out in force.

See what they are doing to Christine O'Donnell (a "nut" because she takes her Catholic faith seriously) or Rand Paul (an "extremist" who they oddly argue in conservative Kentucky is not a real Christian). Okay, with Paul they may have a point -- he's a Presbyterian. But I jest.

You see what is happening? These people want nothing but secularism and post-modernism in the public square. People who disagree with them are unfit to serve, in their view.

Yes, I know the election is principally about the failed economic policies of Zero and Co.

But consider the package the Demos are offering. They want a world where genuine people of faith -- except the proponents of the Ground Zero mosque, of course -- are shouted down and hounded from office.

Two weeks to go, people. Make something happen in your neck of the woods.


sig94 said...

The free market is God's expression of Man's Free Will, to follow whatever stream he desires to paddle in. Many have decided to stay in God's tributaries which drives the liberals crazy. Always has. Whether it is an economic market or St. Paul's Agora, the market place of ideas, libs feel that they must dominate or else they are threatened. This is a sign of weakness. They know they cannot compete economically or intellectually.So they rage ala Bawney Fwank or they storm off the stage ala Goldberg and Behar.

DC said...

Exactly, Sig. They are utterly unable to compete. This new generation of candidates is playing ball a bit differently, too, which is fun to watch.

Nickie Goomba said...

I am always amazed at how quick leftists are to mock and belittle anyone who disagrees with them. They seem so angry and desirous to restrict the behavior of others.

Starsplash said...

Woo! get a load of the fearful horror on his face. The look of a loser for sure.

LL said...

The promise of the Left - the only promise they can give - is that they will pick someone's pocket and make you an economic slave to them. Socialism's face (ok, the face of Maher/Bahar and Zero) is not pretty.

DC said...

Nick ... Oh, the irony of the relativist who would regulate every one else. But that's where their philosophy goes -- down very dark trails and into very dark holes.

Star, just imagine. That's Maher BEFORE Nov. 2. Imagine him afterwards. Imagine Christine O'Donnell pulling out a squeaker in Delaware, and then imagine ... Yes, close your eyes and think about it.

Go make it happen.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

And the Tea Party people are all racists .... I can wait for NOvember!

Subvet said...

The face reminds me of Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" right before she power washed the priest with pea soup.

'Scuse me, gott go for my rosary.

Starsplash said...

DC. What a blissful vision you paint.

The_Kid said...

The dumber people are the smarter they believe they are. Liberals are very dumb.

The_Kid said...

Man, just read the comments. I love em all. Couldn't agree more.

I think we're really getting a bead on them suckas.

I bask in the realization that they will be more upset on Nov 3, than I have been for the last 2 whole years combined.

DC said...

Agreed, Kid. But, no let up. We have to step on the gas and get after it. Go vote. Drag people. Give some more cash. Leave nothing to chance.

Carnage. You said it. Let's see it.

The_Kid said...

Can I drag the women ?

Anyway, I have a feeling about the 'silent' majority coming out on Nov 2.

I think the polls are way understated.

Teresa said...

Liberals do seem like extremely closed-minded and angry individuals. Their disrespect for others who disagree with them is so immature. Alright... Most of them grew up in the 60's or later and learned selfish ways are "okay" so this might explain their immaturity. Their sense of morality is altered and quite perverse. They just need to learn to grow the heck up. They basically tick me off to no end.

DC said...

Kid, only if you are Muslim.

Teresa, they tick a lot of people off ... let's find out how many.

Project Savior said...

Aw, the teabaggers whose only are built around the message that the President isn't a Christian, even though he is, are upset that someone would question the faith a follower of the Aqua Buddha.
It's totally hilarious.