October 20, 2010

Someone Else In Europe Gets It

Quite a few people in Europe are "getting it." We can only pray that there is a growing realization of the danger posed by Islam to Christian communities throughout the world. And I am not referring to Islamic extremists; Islam itself is antithetical to Christianity and every other religion. Perhaps the Europeans are not as clueless as we fear; they must rouse themselves from their slumber and listen to voices such as this.

From Italy:

Rome, 19 Oct. (AKI) - Christians are at risk of being targeted by Muslim fundamentalist organisations because they are considered a symbol of Western culture, said Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini.

"Fundamentalists equate Christianity with a West that should be attacked," he said on Tuesday during a speech at a Rome conference on Christians in the Middle East.

Christians are the victims of two-thirds of murders related to "religious hatred", he said.

"Christianphobia today is a growing danger," he added

And the fools in the media decry homophobia, Islamophobia, even fears based on "cellular memory" from Past Life Regression. I kid you not - diagnosis of phobias based on hypnotic exploration of prior lives.

But barely a word regarding the tens of thousands of lives ended prematurely throughout the world by raging lunatics screaming "Allah Akbar" at the tops of their lungs. Phobia? Fear of a clear and present danger is not an unreasonable psychological reaction. It is a rational, problem solving response to this:
I was going to include some pictures of Christian school children beheaded by men adhering to the murderous tenets of Islam but I just cannot. If you wish to be dismayed and disgusted, google images under "Islam Violent."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe that most (if not all) of continental Europe will awaken to the threat of Islam. This reaction may not be pretty, but it will be appropriate and strong.

On the other hand, Britain is screwed and doomed. Britain is scroomed.

Anonymous said...

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sig94 said...

Nickie - I hear your plantive cry. Britain may soon be singing "Allah Save the Infidel Queen We Just Beheaded."

On the other hand, you may just be suffering from Past Life Regression incidents involving goats, lack of personal hygiene and stinky cheese.

Rhod definitely has issues from prior lives. I believe his preternatural fear of grammatical errors springs from his former existence as a hieroglyphics editor during the reign of Aakheperkare Thutmose I (18th Dynasty). Thutmose is most remembered for putting the nasty in Dynasty...

Somehow the glyphs for "Dirt Nap For The Insufferable Little Prick" showed up on the entrance to Pharoah's tomb and Rhod was slowly fed to the crocodiles, feet first.

sig94 said...

eemah -
"A traveler, traveling trough dreams lost in time; An artist, whose creations are made up of frozen memories and unleashed emotions; A dreamer whose dreams are yet to be found, I am Eemah and this blog is all about me."

I just KNEW that regression shit would get me in trouble.

Opus #6 said...

Sig, glad to see you getting your Eemah on.

Nasty in Dynasty, ha ha ha ha ha, I love it!

I pray for the safety of all good and decent people on Earth.

Rhod said...

Glyph me a break, Sig.

I didn't do it, but I know who did. Goomba, after Thut had him trepanned for introducing perspective to the Egyptian art world.

I'll get even. When you transit a croc, you have lots of time to think.

Rhod said...

And I agree with Nick about Britain.

I blame the Pythons. No group, however large or small, was more destructive to British culture.

sig94 said...

Opus - the good and decent have had a rough ride lately. Thanks for your prayers.

sig94 said...

Rhod - all of these dire feelings about prior life issues can be traced to over active bladder meds. Goomba's problem is that these meds are now available in sweet chewy gum drop form and you know how he hates to wear his reading glasses.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sig94, I'm going to have to hire Opie for Woodsterman if she keeps making laugh so hard ... "Get Your Eemah On".

Maybe Islam should get it's Eemah on and too and lighten up. The Rent's too damn high!

WoFat said...

If you say I'm crazy I'll kill your mother and father and brothers and sisters, your canary and your little dog Woofie. It's only normal.

The_Kid said...

I think we still need DADT. Have you heard about the bed bug infestation in Cincinnati? And it's getting worse. If we didn't outlaw DADT maybe we wouldn't still be having these pest problems.

Bring back DADT ! For the People !

WomanHonorThyself said...

good one Nick but is it too late........hmmmmmmmmm.