October 23, 2010

Hide Your Husbands

An attempt rape at an Alabama housing project has made an entire nation fearful.
It's raining rapists.
Close your windows, lock your doors.
An idiot rapist may be coming for you.

The following is a GNN Public Service Announcement.
DC will be running this PSA every day during the National Hide Your Husband Week starting tomorrow.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Are you sure he wasn't after the brother?

DC said...

Now THAT is great music. Good find, Sig. Actually, the yutes were sending this deal around a while back. They are all over it. I am going to dig out some other great tunes by these guys.

sig94 said...

Odie - Wives, sisters, brothers, husbands, aunts, uncles - no one is safe.

Rhod is renting out his root cellar to anyone who really feels threatened. Just don't mess with his canned rhubarb.

Goomba is renting out his cousin Tony. Or he will as soon as Tony gets paroled.

sig94 said...

DC - I'll be waiting from deep inside Rhod's root cellar. He's got wifi and a hot tub.