October 22, 2010

What fellowship does the light have with the darkness?

The Apostle Paul asked this question in his second letter to the church at Corinth. Although he was talking in a spiritual context, I have been thinking of this verse as I contemplate where our political discourse is going, particularly in the wake of the NPR-Juan Williams fiasco.

Williams, by all accounts, is a man of good faith. He is a liberal guy, but I appreciate and listen to what he has to say. He obviously thinks that Fox News and its viewers (and presumably contributors) have the right to exist.

I remember when Williams got choked up at the election of America's first black president. It made an impact on me. He's a thoughtful, liberal guy, and he loves America.

There are surely others like Williams who are reasonable folks who just think that we conservatives are missing it on the issues. I think of guys like Pat Caddell, Ed Rendell, and Joe Trippi. Funny, but these guys appear on Fox, as well.

You know, even Bill Clinton I think is a bit of a different cat, but I think he understands that good people can come to different conclusions than he does. I wonder about Hill, but that's a discussion for another day ... like when she challenges Zero in 2012?

We all have good-hearted libs in our lives, and hopefully, they see us as good-hearted conservatives. We simply see each other as wrong-headed. That's fine and dandy, and what political discourse is all about. We can have discourse, or fellowship if you will, under such circumstances. We believe in the same fundamental things -- the country is good, open exchanges are helpful and productive, we respect and can profit from talking to each other, and we each understand our fallibility and that we may be wrong.

But when some one goes over the edge -- that is, when the post-modern virus that infects us all becomes a full-fledged fever to where one becomes judge, jury, and legislature of the world as he sees it -- then discourse is unproductive. We simply have too little in common at that point to even talk. It's akin to speaking different languages, or maybe even trying to talk to some one who is shooting at you. You can try, but at best it doesn't work. At worst, you can get hurt.

In politics, this is why we are unable to work with the modern Demo party; it's infected with hard left types who think that we conservative are evil incarnate. And the modern left will refuse to relent until all vestiges of what we stand for are eradicated from the public square. Put another way, we are more than wrong; we are evil. If you go on Fox, or watch it, you are unworthy, period. Make no mistake. Williams' real sin was in undermining the NPR/Left theme that conservatives are a threat to the world.

For my part, I think we are all "bad," if you will, in that we are all fallible. At some point, any of us can become so off-track that there is simply no reason to talk. Lord knows I have wasted a lot of time and key strokes arguing with leftists out here in the cyber-world.

So, how do you "work with them," as some Republicans have postulated? The answer is ... you are wasting your time. There is simply insufficient common ground to even talk. There is no fellowship between light and darkness. The existence of one reduces the other, and vice versa.

Most conservatives instinctively know this, so you simply do what you know is right.

We all know -- Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have the post-modern fever. They have crossed the line.

What fellowship does light have with darkness?

After Nov. 2, we will expect our elected representatives to be on our side of that line.


Rhod said...

You didn't say it, DC, but I will. It's the eternal struggle between good and evil. The thing you call post-modernism is evil integrated into the false, but relatively harmless, goodness of liberalism. It's an imitation of the host, which is the reason it's so insidious.

It thrives on complacency, ignorance and amorality in potentially good people. This is way above politics and ideology.

In the Williams case, the same spineless cowards who caved to their own horror of Islam by refusing to publish the Mohammed cartoons, fired Williams merely for confessing to a reality. The devil is a coward, a hypocrite and a liar, too. Our loathing and disgust with his agents is justified and permanent.

Rhod said... that I mean you're too charitable to say it...

Rhod said...

...and BTW, Soros hired 100 more jouro-whores for the NPR bedrooms. We know who owns them, if there was any doubt.

Laura Ingaraham interviewed Howard Kurtz yesterday, and he denied that NPR was far left and feigned surprise that Soros money was accepted....proving once again that toads like Kurtz are enablerss and whores themselves.

If the Repugs don't de-fund NPR, time for a third party.

LL said...

NPR has always represented a liberal bent in its "reporting" and they've tried from time to time to make the news rather than reporting it, the same way as NBC, ABC and CBS do. They HATE Fox News because it does not march in lock step with George Soros and the radical left. Juan Williams expressed a rational concern about Islam and they publically accused him of being "insane" and needing to consult a psychiatrist.

Nobody seems willing to say that the terrorists who hijack airplanes are ALL Muslims. One would think that a "news" organization would be able to weigh information in the balance and come to a conclusion. But not NPR - because the truth has nothing to do with their agenda.

Opus #6 said...

I saw that there was a poll showing 70% of Americans want NO cooperation with leftists whatsoever. That's heartening.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll see if the Republicans are going to work with them or not ... new blood is on the way.

LL, you are exactly right, in that there were clips floating around yesterday of Nina Totenberg wishing all sorts of ill on Jesse Helms.

Rhod, good to hear from you. Spruces the ol' shop up, for sure. Re: being charitable, I don't know about that. I am trying to be accurate.

To be clear, post-modernism is evil. But it's a particular type of evil, the belief system in its basic form that says there is no truth and each individual draws his own boundaries/conclusions on every front. Sounds like it would lead to more individualism and freedom, but in reality, it ultimately (and I think necessarily) leads one to more individual unscrupulousness, and then the society follows ... and then the only thing approaching an absolute value to the people with no moorings -- the government -- steps in to make all the rules, "create new rights" and rule/save the day. As for how/why it works this way, well, it's like a light bulb to me. I know it happens when you turn on a switch but am unable to fully explain it. Actually, I think I understand a little more than that (but not nearly all). It's a subject for another day/book/whatever.

In sum, when we "kill" God and immutable truth, we end up with a very different -- and ultimately tyrannical -- culture and government. Why? We make ourselves tyrants. And individual tyrants are unable to make collective freedom.

I know, the Muslims haven't "killed" Allah. But have they killed God? There's a reason, you know, that leftist feminists look the other way when Muslims abuse women. Oops. I think I just blew any chance I may have had to work at NPR.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

NPR is "news" for people seeking forgiveness for society's ills. By speaking with carefully modulated voices about the evil and ignorance of "others", they allow the listener to see herself as an informed, enlightened and untainted Horus.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right, My Goomba (after I looked up houvres). Where do I get my falcon headress?

And I bet they eat hummus, too. Me? I spackle my wall with that stuff.

Hilarious ... the "carefully modulated" tones are very important. Ooh, you must be smart. They are whispering and enunciating so clearly.

Shhh ... Nina is on. Pass the hummus.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think we need? A "forum" on NPR -- with all the NPR participants speaking in "carefully modulated voices" ... I am giggling again -- about how to slow the rate of honor killings in the Muslim world.

We need a couple of Sharia law adherants, as well, and we will, of course, allow them to speak in loud voices and threaten to behaad the panel. Tolerance, you know.

Teresa said...

Postmodernism purpose is to destroy traditional values. Postmodernism goes hand-in-hand with communism and/or Marxism which goal is to remove God from society. Anything that has the purpose to remove God and destroy traditional values and promote relativism is evil.

NPR is a tyrannical, fascist, commie, evil corporation which needs to be sent directly to space, so this evil filth may never return to the earth's atmosphere. Since, these bastages like aliens so much, let them enjoy sharing space with other types of aliens.

sig94 said...

So many scriptural references (Sig's Paraphrased Edition):
Do not cast your pearls before liberal Congressman.

Angry union demonstrators stir up contention and get their asses beat by police.

Progressives ignore sound doctrine and tradition based on centuries of wisdom, but having itching ears, will seek other who conform to their ill-conceived prejudices.

It is better to live in a corner of the roof rather than share a house with a bossy, big-assed, bitter, veggie slurping wookie.