October 16, 2010

Doobie Brothers = Great. American. Band.

This weekend on D.C.'s Pre-Election Celebration Music Festival we take a look at the Doobie Brothers -- a great American band indeed. Like most great bands, they survived changes in personnel (namely changing lead singers from Tom Johnson to Michael McDonald due to Johnston's health issues), and they also adapted their style to survive and thrive through the better part of four decades.

Yes, they did apparently inhale, at least in the their younger years (hence the name). But forgive them, please. Unlike some former presidents, they did admit it and also atoned for their missteps with their distinctively smooth blend of guitars and harmony. It puts a spring in my step every time I hear these guys.

Their most recent album -- released this year -- contains a re-release of the single "Nobody," which was actually the group's first single. Check it out. They can still play and sing, especially for a bunch of geezers:

Due to Tom Johnston's health problems, the band made a huge shift in style and sound in the late 70's and 80's with the move to the incomparable Michael McDonald on keyboards and lead vocals.

Here's a little Takin' it to the Streets, with McDonald and the boys.

Finally, take a listen to another, lesser-known but great song by the Brothers Doob:

We'll see you next weekend on the internets' version of "Soul Train." Catch it ...


Anonymous said...

These kids are gonna do great in show business.

Anonymous said...

That's right, Pops. When they grow up, they could be contenders ... Did you see them mooning the "Nancy Pelosi for Speaker" skiff as it trolled by the dock?

That is actually a very cool video, with a lot of good retrospective shots. DBs bring back great memories.

Anonymous said...

Thomas, welcome to the Wild West.

You may use information here, as long proper attribution is given -- "In the name of the most exalted Goomba, we pledge to thee our beaded seatcovers."

Proper attribution, and you are good. Thank you for asking and doing it right.

Anonymous said...

Please. No more beaded seatcovers. I sold the cab years ago.

Doom said...

Just never could get into them. But I have learned to respect them, if that counts? Something to do with my mother's lifestyle and out personal issues.

As for geezer, the closer I get to that (or, did I cross the line recently?), the more sure I am that the term is way over represented in misunderstanding (misunderestimated?). A 20 year old, even a stock solid one, would probably not stand toe to toe with me for longer than enough time to realize he made the mistake of a lifetime. Just sayin'.

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