October 13, 2010

Winning the Battle of Ideas

This ad is being run by the Demo (who is trailing) the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in W.V.:

This is in a state where the seat held by Robert Byrd was thought to be safely in Democrat hands. The candidate (Joe Manchin) is the popular governor of W.V.; it seems, however, that the good folks of West Virginny don't take too kindly to Obama's policies.

Dude says he will repeal the "bad parts" of Obamacare. Question for Manchin: Which parts are good?

Huge Demo losses are on the way, and that bodes well for the country. Better still is that conservatives are winning the battle of ideas. From sea to shining sea, it's politically unsafe to say anything positive about the Obama agenda.


Anonymous said...

t's getting hard to tell the players without a program.

LL said...

The guy looks like somebody I'd enjoy shooting with.

To the extent that there are components of ObamaCare that deal with portability, pre-existing conditions, opening the markets to all insurance companies or tort reform, I think that it needs to stay (maybe 4 pages of 2,000). Or you could repeal the whole mess and put something together that is clean and deals with health insurance matters that something like 95% of us could agree with.

It's like the 2,000 page stimulus bill. The part that provides low interest loans to small businesses was a great idea (2 pages in 2,000).

Doom said...

Politically unsafe? I don't know, pitchfork parties(tm) are forming, and not just in the hinterlands anymore. I myself am looking over the pitchforks available. I want something unique, something a little techy, something that says "Me", you know. Rope, tar, feathers, and a few other things are on my list. But the economy is a bit tough, so those are more wish list things. *snark... sort of*

Though a Repugnant win would be about useless without vectoring from the Tea Party and a bit from libertarians with a nod to the pitchfork parties(tm). Separate entities, but all sort of looking in the same general direction, if their means are a little different and the directions slightly divergent, we will worry about that after the hangings.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Out with the Dems and in with the good.

Anonymous said...

Nick, indeed. One player missing in this election -- a candidate boasting of Demo success.

LL, I think we already had portability, but hey ... I see what you mean. Seems to me to be best to start over.

sig94 said...

Burn it all. Burn all 2,000 plus pages and then burn the cretins who voted for it. Burn them slowly with fire and then drown the ashes.

Michael said...

Here in Nevada the NRA didn't endorse Harry Reid (Pinky). However, they didn't endorse Sharron Angle either - because Harry bribed them not to. NRA you SUCK! - And I'm a lifetime member, and son of a lifetime member. Where's your principles?????