October 15, 2010

Follow the Leader ... Be the Leader

Follow the leader.

Rather, he would say, "Be the leader."

I've spent some time of late looking around the blogosphere ... here and elsewhere. And I note that folks on our side are pretty stirred up.

I am one of those folks. I understand. We've seen an unprecedented assault on our liberties, government and political system as a whole these past two years.

So, what to do?

Rather than getting mad, folks, I would encourage us to get even.

What would Reagan do? I think he would smile, look 'em in the eye, and say something witty/truthful/profound in that distinctive raspy voice, "Well ...

And he would remind us that we are on the right side, and we will win this battle of ideas ... because what we believe in is tried and true.

Think back to what Pres. Reagan went through. He was an old, out-of-touch, racist, homophobic, fill-in-the-leftist insult-blank doofus. And that was just was the Rockefeller Republicans said about him.

He was even shot once, I do seem to recall. Before the operation, he joked with doctors that he "hoped they were Republicans."

There will time for investigations, recriminations, and such regarding how Obama and Co. have gone about their business ... like when we get at least one chamber of Congress in Republican control.

But let us remember that Pres. Obama won the election, along with his Demo cohorts in Congress. The reason there are so many of them to deal with -- and the path they have pursued the past couple of years has been so destructive -- is that American voters thought it better for a variety of reasons to let Obama and the Demos triumph. Well, now we know what a boneheaded idea that was. Well, some of us knew then, but hey ...

The bottom line is ... they won, fair and square. Now, it's our turn. And we will.

So, loosen up. Lighten up. Enjoy this wave. It's a big'un. No need to fret over the Demos, threaten them (even though I know folks are joking), talk of their premature demise, etc. I do understand the frustration, but ask yourself: Would Ronald Reagan reduce himself to hair-pulling with Nancy Pelosi?

I recall the 1992 convention (one of his last appearances on a grand stage) and Pres. Reagan was dealing with the newest scourge on the American political scene -- Bill Clinton. While many (myself included) were fretting that the country could elect such a chap with such a character, there was Pres. Reagan joking about how William Jefferson Clinton was no Thomas Jefferson. "I knew Jefferson ... " the president said.

He was great. I miss him.

Now, it's up to us.

Be the leader.


Project Savior said...

Well the GOP needs someone to be a leader. Right now the great plans are Boehner's idea to raise taxes on the middle class and run up an additional $4 trillion in debt.
Or Mitch McConnell's plan to have another government shut down.
It would be nice if the GOP would get an actual grown up in their leadership.

LL said...

I voted for McCain, but felt betrayed that he was the choice I had.

In a way, Obama has been good for America. He has shown us the face of utopian socialism and America doesn't like the way it looks.

Obama is a man who embraced Black Liberation Theology, Marx and Islam. All three philosophies are incompatible with Capitalism and a Constitutional Republic. AND America isn't buying it.

The One is fundamentally transforming America, but not the way he intended to. Many Americans are born-again patriots.

sig94 said...

LL - it's like being treated with chemotherapy for cancer. The doctor has to make you very sick in order to cure you. It appears that enough voters in this country are sick enough to make the change.

Doom said...

I would not say they won fair and square. Simply put the Republican party punted. There, in other words, was not a choice for conservatives regarding representation. The fix was in. Having a black leader of the RNC, and a gay one before that, almost guaranteed the destruction of the party from within, in my opinion. That is my one grump about the last election.

The only reason this election, and maybe the next, might turn out differently is the Tea Party. I think it will work to subvert the Republican party back to a party which represents conservatives. So, I am a bit happier. If still dubious that even one of the parts of congress will do much. At least it is the holder of the purse strings. Still, it is extremely limited.

Here is the thing. Politically, no matter what happens... and economically the same... we are in trouble. If I were solely vested in the political, I would see zero chance. Were it not for faith in God... So, in that I can be happy... in the right sense of happy... even should we lose everything else. Perspective?

Nickie Goomba said...

In 2012, the Tea Party may be targeting the GOP. Those old elephants had better wake up.

DC, the post is stirring, and right on the sweet spot.

The_Kid said...

One of my favorite Ronald Reagan photos.

We have Carter * 10. We Need Ronald Reagan * 10. And soon.

christian soldier said...

just got back from a PCC event- held at the Reagan Library--
I love to go there!! there are new additions since last year!!
it is truly an awesome museum honoring a great man-President!!