October 11, 2010

Send In The Clowns

As Wm. Shakespeare declared,
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.
Waiting until after the November elections are through, the world's most famous player, President Barack Hussein Obama, will take the might and prestige of the United States of America onto the international stage where our vision, our leadership and our prowess can be displayed. Time to send in the clowns.

Where the HELL is Joe Biden when you need him? There's books and butts aflyin' everywhere around the President and Biden is nowhere to be found.
A book, "International Politics for Idiots," is thrown at President Obama at a Philadelphia rally over the weekend. You will notice it as it goes sailing by the back of his head. Biden needs to be here to fulfill his obligations as Vice Target.

And in Germantown, PA, Mr. Juan Rodriquez displayed the newest fashion trend that will be available to all Americans if the Democratics are not thrown out of office. Again, where is Biden when someone shows the nation where hair plugs come from?

Nevermind, I guess this clown will have to do.


LL said...

Joe (Slow Joe) Biden is running around the country embarrassing himself by gaffing everything he says. It's simply that the mainstream media has thrown a blackout (no pun intended toward the POTUS) around him. He went somewhere in Wisconsin and wanted the crowd to start shouting "OBAMA-OBAMA" and nobody but a few shills in the front row obliged him.

George Soros, ringmaster of this two year disaster isn't stumping for any of his failed policies and I find that distressing.

Anonymous said...

And a nyone who continues to blame Bush, and only Bush, is an ignorant partisan hack in need of a brain scan.

sig94 said...

LL - Emergency rooms are now freeezing/cooling the brains of heart attack victims to improve their chances of complete recovery when bllod flow to the brain is impeded.

Apparently the MSM is doing the same for the Democrats.

sig94 said...

Gramma - it's like blaming the Germans for getting flies in your snails in Paris.

Lynnae said...

I'm sure the streaker was a reference to the story 'The Emperor's New Clothes' and as that it should be protected as free speech. I'm just surprised Obama would notice the streaker at all given his ability to see 'nuance' that is invisible to us mere mortals.

sig94 said...

Ya think maybe the streaker will receive an invitation to have a beer at the WH, ala the MA cop? Then perhaps a quick tour of the Lincoln bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Zany antics? Hilarious goings on? Pratt falls? Jokes, riddles, conundrums? Tamed elephants and sleazy ringmasters? It's all there.

And I'm still not laughing.