March 4, 2012

I Wrote This In Too Much Of A Hurry

Make this go hyper-viral.

h/t to the Knuckledragger.

UPDATE: I threw this up just before we ran out of the house this morning. The very beginning where Obama is speaking is contrived. However the Kenyan Ambassador admits that Obama is a Kenyan, his paternal grandmother states that she was in the delivery room in Kenya when he was born, his sister states he was norn in one hospital and Obama states that he was born in another. Lock the lying SOB up.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yup, let's hear it for the Kenyan.

Andy said...

Reposted this video over on my blog.

WoFat said...

What does truth matter? He's a democrat.

sig94 said...

All - I just like to keep everything above board. If there is a correction to be made, I will make it. I made the mistake of accepting at face value a very well produced spoof was real.

Ron Russell said...

Whether he came in on a surfboard or just one step of a Kenyan lion he's wrong for America. Welcome to "Defeat Obama in 2012"

sig94 said...

Ron - heheheheheheh

Kid said...

I don't think there is any doubt, his story if FOS. he use it to finger Americans

Tee said...

Prediction: this will gain about as much traction as all the other Birther BS. This is exactly like the liberals who still talk about how W "stole the election"; it resonates among your own little circle of nutcases, but the rest of the world just rolls their eyes.

sig94 said...

Tee - and it fails to gain traction among the blind and foolish like you who drank the koolaid. You still believe the forged letter from the TANG that was written in a font that did not exist at the time in the Dan Rather ""It's so good it has to be true" fraud. You believe in Obama the same way. He produces a computer generated document from an era when these documents did not exist (1961 - huh?)and does not match other documents from the same date range. It is blind fools like yourself that are a danger to our nation for you will believe anything the media throws at you. Indeed, Lenin tagged you people correctly as "useful idiots."

Tee said...

You don't know me, and you don't know what I believe (I certainly never bought into the whole Dan Rather documents garbage), but because I legitimately question the whole birther movement you automatically assume I worship Obama or something ("drinking the kool aid" has become the stock answer for anyone who questions conservatives, apparently.) I have never thought Obama was the savior, just another politician, and maybe more reasonable and negotiable when compared to other politicians.

As it says in the Bible, "you shall know them by their acts", and Obama hasn't been the marxist revolutionary he is made out to be. Even the health care bill is modeled after the old Heritage Foundation bill from 1994. Nothing conservatives said about him has turned out to be true: our guns haven't been taken away, nobody has been sent to a FEMA camp, the economy is turning around, and Bin Laden is dead. By Boener's own words Obama has given the GOP 98% of what it wanted. It sure seems like you guys are the ones drinking the kool aid.

sig94 said...

Tee -
"it resonates among your own little circle of nutcases..."

I can make the exact same comments and the same personal attacks as you. Apparently you are not as thick skinned as I am. So don't throw stones if you can't take a hit. You did not deign to engage in a conversation, you insulted my readers and myself from the first comment you dropped.

If you want to question the "birther" belief that Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be President ... absolutely fine .... that doesn't bother me at all. We can argue the points back and forth. But that's not what you did.

I am a trained investigator, I actually have credentials from the State of NY which probably is a hell of a lot more than you've got going for you. I have spent a great deal of time examining the claims from both sides and I can, with a great deal of certainty, tell you this:

Something stinks to High Heaven about Obama's qualifications. I have dealt with criminals for almost 40 years and Obama talks and acts like one. He waited over two years before having someone else produce his "birth cerftificate" in a format which did not exist when he was born (there weren't many State wide computerized vital statistics in 1961) whereas every other politician produced his own personal copy in a matter of days or weeks. He has sealed an amazing assortment of his records from public scrutiny. There are legitimate quesitons regarding his official status as the stepson of an Indonesian national and his trips to foreign countries that have gone unanswered.

If his last name was Bush, Reagan or McCain the media would be howling in the streets for this, baying "Cover Up!" at every step.

Instead,we get a nickname and ridicule instead of answers. This is the same tactic that has been used for decades by leftist radicals who are tring to protect an agenda. I have seen it before and I have read it from your own pen (actually keyboard) on this very site.

So please, do not be surprised when I "Kool Aid" you when I read your remarks. You wanted a diatribe, a polemical riff ... and you lost. If you want to discuss - no problemo.

And if you want to burden the Heritage Foundation with ObamaCare, youreally should go to the Heritage Foundation website:

and read what they have to say before regurgitating the typical liberal talking points.

Tee said...

"I have dealt with criminals for almost 40 years and Obama talks and acts like one"

Well thank God for all of us that your gut feelings aren't admissible in court.

I note that there are still conservatives convinced the Clintons killed both Vince Foster and Ron Brown, despite multiple investigations (by Republicans) saying the opposite.

But then both the Republican governor and Republican Attorney General of Hawaii say the birth certificate is real. I guess they must be part of the conspiracy. We're through the looking glass here, people.

I see someone else commented in another thread that you guys live in a bubble. I agree. You don't realize the rest of America, including a good number of Republicans, see the birther wing as annoying crazies. Romney is not going to be running on the birth certificate issue after he wins the nomination.

This is what the GOP has become-- a Democrat wins the Oval Office, and you guys spend the entire time he's in office trying to remove him. You should have learned your lesson with Clinton, the impeachment only lead to the Democrats gaining seats in the next midterm election. Arguably this goes all the way back to Nixon, and John Mitchell testifying that his fear of the Democrats "handing America over to the other side" justified him breaking the law, when he was supposed to be the highest defender of the law.

You've gotta stop looking at Democrats as evil enemies, and realize they are your friends and neighbors, not monsters. It's only turning you guys into monsters. How many Democrats go to your church? Do you hate them? Are you trying to drive them out of your parish?