March 5, 2012

Sheriff Joe Speaks Out

Come on Sheriff Joe, submit your case to the DA, have him impanel a grand jury and let them decide what to do. A fraud has been committed against the citizens of your county and the ballots your country used to vote in the 2008 Presidential elections were and are defective due to the contrivance of the Democratic National Committee.

You don't need Congress to run with this, Congress doesn't have the balls anyway.

Use this investigation to keep Obama off the Arizona ballot this year. The civil suit in Georgia ran aground when a multi-billion dollar  federal loan was used to chum the waters and the judge got scared off by the sharks.

Throw an indictment at the Kenyan. The evidentiary standards are more rigid but the implications are sooo sweeeet, particularly in an election year. Turn that SOB's hair completely white and let his harpy wife scream and wail through the residential wing like a banshee getting buggered by Satan.


Anonymous said...

Predictable results. Pass the buck and look the other way. Sheriff Joe took the hint from Andrew Breitbart's untimely death. It's time to for Sheriff Joe shrug his shoulders and act like there is nothing else that he can do!!

Newark, Ohio

sig94 said...

Doug - you may be right. Breitbart's death could have a very chilling effect. But Joe seems to be made of sterner stuff than that.

Eh, like always, time will tell.

Kid said...

Sig, Wouldn't change a word... ;-)