March 5, 2012

Houston, We Have Won Ton

When I read this I nearly dropped my teeth.
Chinese hackers took over NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Inspector General reveals

Chinese hackers gained control over NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in November, which could have allowed them delete sensitive files, add user accounts to mission-critical systems, upload hacking tools, and more -- all at a central repository of U.S. space technology, according to a report released Wednesday afternoon by the Office of the Inspector General.

That report revealed scant details of an ongoing investigation into the incident against the Pasadena, Calif., lab, noting only that cyberattacks against the JPL involved Chinese-based Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Paul K. Martin, NASA's inspector general, put his conclusions bluntly.
"The attackers had full functional control over these networks," he wrote.
What else have the Chinese hacked their way into? JPL is run by the California Institute of Technology.

This is not the first time that the Chinese have comprised US computer security.


T. F. Stern said...

Having watched the NatGeo special where priceless moon rocks were stolen it became painfully evident how NASA has some of the sloppiest security control of any government organization. Perhaps everyone else has noticed this as well...

sig94 said...

TFS - missed that special. But it does bring to mind the missing files from the nuclear laboratories that the Univ. of Californicator has the contracts for. They promised to tighten things up also....