March 8, 2012

Working For The Clintons Was No Picnic

Being a Clinton is no picnic either...

A retired Secret Service Agent has written a book about his experiences protecting the Clintons. The excerpts are rather tame. I remember stories during the 1992 Presidential campaign that had Hillary throwing ashtrays and screaming fits at her husband. I wonder if any of these agents will ever start blabbing about the former CIC's extra-curricular activities. And hers also.
A former U.S. Secret Service agent has launched a stinging attack on the Clinton administration staff he used to protect - branding them arrogant and claiming that ex-First Lady Hillary Clinton was aloof.

Breaking from tradition, Dan Emmett has laid bare a series of anecdotes about the inner workings of the White House in a controversial book.

He tells how Mrs Clinton, now Secretary of State, never said 'thank you' to agents, unlike her husband, Bill, and their daughter, Chelsea.

This trait, he added, was found in even greater measure among the young White House personnel, whom he said displayed 'fundamental traits of rudeness and arrogance' which, at times, bordered on dangerous.
'Most of these youngsters were from wealthy families and many viewed Secret Service agents as the hired help,' he wrote in the autobiography "Within Arm's Length."
Here's an interesting, or disgusting, montage courtesy of Zombietime:

Back in the Sixties, a college friend of mine had a relative in the Air Force who served as one of the bearers of the nuclear football that accompanied the President everywhere he went. Allegedly, President Lyndon B. Johnson was not much different than the Clintons.  At his big Texas BBQ's he would feed his left over steaks to his dogs rather than allow the Secret Service to enjoy a meal from his table.


Kid said...

Yea, do a search on hilrod clinton quotes. she is one rude POS.

sig94 said...

Kid - she is just one pissed off lady. A grasping harpy that cannot get what she wants and will crap on everyone to make her feel better.