September 8, 2014

The St. Louis County DA is Desperate To Hang Something, Anything On Officer Wilson

This is pathetic:
The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office is taking an unusual approach with grand jury members who are weighing evidence against the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown last month, experts and county officials said.

Instead of telling grand jury members what charges they believe police officer Darren Wilson should face, they are leaving it open-ended for now and involving the grand jury as co-investigators.

The prosecutor’s office is also presenting evidence to the grand jury as soon as it receives it, rather than waiting until the St. Louis County Police Department and the FBI have completed their investigations. Police probes are typically completed before a case is presented to a grand jury, county officials said.

As a result, jurors in the Wilson case are hearing from every eyewitness, seeing every telling photo, viewing every relevant video, and reviewing all DNA, ballistics and other test results from county and FBI labs, said Ed Magee, a spokesman for county prosecutor Robert McCulloch. They will hear testimony from Dorian Johnson, the friend who was with Brown when he died, but it is unclear yet whether they will hear testimony from Wilson.

“Normally they hear from a detective or a main witness or two. That’s it,” Magee said. “This gives us an opportunity to present all of the evidence to jurors who represent St. Louis County. They will make the decision.”
So what will happen is all the bulls**t will land in the jury's lap with little or no guidance for them to determine what is true and what isn't. These poor folk will have to sort through this incredible mess in order to determine what happened. They they can boot it or whatever they want regardless of the facts since they determine what the facts are. Maybe forty-fifty years ago this would work, but not in today's world.

Some people may have no problem with this but after the OJ Simpson trial, I have little confidence in juries.

The DA took the coward's way out, he has no balls at all nor any interest in the truth. He just wants to cover his ass.
This is a WashPo story.


WoFat said...

The DA, and such other fleeing butt lickers, are trying SO hard to get, and keep, themselves out of trouble that this case may be in court until everyone involved dies of old age. I feel - from watching TV - that the the friends of the "victim" have little involvement with the truth. The public officials involved seem to be shouting "Me? Who, me!" Not ME."

sig94 said...

WoFat - I tell ya, sometimes....

Kid said...

I have no confidence in juries. Especially with all the technicalities of what can be evidence or not.

Jurors thought jodi arias was abused when it was exactly the opposite.