March 16, 2017

Media Wars

It's true, it's true.
One awwshit cancels out a thousand attaboys.

In a stunning reversal of fortune, Trump supporters are now calling for a boycott of McDonald's fast food restaurants in response to a tweet mocking the President.

Apparently the McDonald's twitter account was hacked and an insulting tweet was pinned to their site.

Just a few days ago, a McDonald's employee was hailed as a hero for jumping through a service window to assist an unconscious off duty Miami police officer.

Anti-Trump tweet here.

McDonald's employee here.

McDonald's boycott here. Of course there is now #BoycottMcDonalds.


Kid said...

Dang, what the heck do I order now when I go to McDonalds ?

sig94 said...

Kid - I dunno. Maybe a quarter crow burger with freedom fries?