March 6, 2017

Trump Accusations Based On Vapor Evidence

These people need to be shot thrown in jail for the rest of their lives and their personal fortunes seized. Let their spouses and children beg in the streets.
From Gateway Pundit:
We now know that the meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch occurred at about the same time that the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers.
There is circumstantial evidence that the entire plot to eavesdrop on the server in Trump Tower started with Bill Clinton's visit to Loretta Lynch in the Phoenix airport last summer, around July 2016. The FISA court initially refused the warrant application but after it was rewritten it was approved just a month (October) prior to the Presidential elections.

Also last October WikiLeaks released another batch of emails that show close coordination between the DoJ and Clinton apparatchiks during the Hillary email investigation that was underway. Bill must have had quite a laundry list when he decided to pop in on Loretta's jet.

Thus far no particulars have emerged that detail the activities allegedly under investigation by the DoJ that precipitated the eavesdropping applications on the Trump HQ. Both warrant applications that were submitted to the FISA court need to be examined as well as the documentation that provided the reasonable cause upon which the applications were based. Let the public know just what Lynch's people were looking for... because they obviously found nothing and that is precisely the basis for the allegations now sweeping the liberal media. Vapor evidence.

Now former US AG Lynch is calling for riots, blood on the streets in order to bring down the Trump administration. IMHO this is nothing more than the last desperate gasps of a woman who knows she is about to drown in the waters of her former agency. Indict the traitorous bitch and be done with it. And don't forget the Clintons. I'd say let them all rot in prison; but then again there is merit in North Korea's use of surplus military equipment to permanently remove corrupt politicians. And sponges, don't forget the sponges.

As a bonus, this is an interesting graphic of Obama's scandal-free administration. Some of these involve wiretapping, such as the May 2013 federal seizure of AP reporters' phone calls.


Kid said...

We need convictions. Man, I hope they are working on this.

And who GAF whether some libtard thinks Trump is just attacking the attackers.

Sadly, I don't think the repubs have the stones or the clean closets to get it done.


This story of Donald Trump being wiretap could sum up a lot of the stuff we have been blogging since the Edward Snowden days

Trump’s Allegations of Wiretapping - tracking

sig94 said...

GOODSTUFF - yes, I read your excellent post yesterday.