January 28, 2010

Are you wondering how the UK has become so twisted? Let's revisit 1980's Britiain.

Please watch these.  It is VERY important.


Anonymous said...

I got about 2 and a half minutes into this video and switched off. I could see where this was going......

This footage is 30 years old!!

I was a young adult in the Loony Left years and, yes, there were some "interesting" theories doing the rounds but they were embraced by a tiny tiny minority of Britons. If you think the Loony Left have any relationship to the party occupying the political centre these days - known as the Labour party - then you need to learn a lot more about British politics.

Why are you (on GNN) so obsessed with the UK and the road you perceive we have headed down?? On balance I'd say most Britons I know in real life and online seem a great deal more contented with their lives than the (largely) American commenters on this blog. We can't be doing everything wrong ;)

We have a general election coming up and the biggest issue most people face in choosing how to vote is that they can't tell the difference between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.

Move on .... visit the UK in 2010 ..... see what you think based on up-to-date information.


Cambridge Lady-
There are a few reasons Americans focus so much on the U.K.:
1. You are our closest alley and what happens in your country effects us.
2. Many of our left leaning political leaders want us to become more like the U.K. and Europe.
3. Many of view England as the land of Churchill and the Magna Carta, and are horrified at what socialism has done to our cousins over the pond.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your calm and pleasant reply to my enquiry.

1. Yes we are allies but, to be honest, if more of my fellow countrymen saw some of the opinions (and utter contempt) that Americans hold about us you can be sure even more people here (and there's a fair few to start with) would be asking for the "special relationship" between the UK and the US to end now.

2. OK - that might well be the case.

3. We are not socialist (not in my understanding of the term). If we ever were then we have been heading in the opposite direction since Margaret Thatcher came to power. Some are starting to think we have headed too far rightwards and need a bit more social democracy European-style.

Anonymous said...

Neil Kinnock has not disappeared from the political scene. Red Ken is still a political player. Gordon Brown is, outside of Michael Foot or Tony Benn, the looniest Lefty I know and he's hardly insignificant.

I am intimately associated with Britain's illogical education industry, and the insanity has not throttled back in 30 years. In the US, the Left regularly dismisses Constitutional arguments with the statement... "That was 230 years ago!"

I know quite a bit about British politics, and New Labour is the love child of Arthur Scargill and the EU. History cannot be dismissed with the wave of a hand. It tends to waft through the air and emit odorous reminders.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tres... We've been told for decades to look to the UK and Europe for leadership. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tony Benn is actually starting to sound like the voice of reason these days (!!!!!) - some of his recent interviews have been enlightening.

And Red Ken - what's not to like? Thanks to the congestion charge it's actually possible to travel around London by cab or bus and not get stuck in traffic ;)

Scargill - don't like the man personally but I don't agree with what happened to the miners. Those mining communities have lost so much :(

"Illogical education industry" - not sure what you are getting at there Nickie but having experienced both the US and UK education system I know which one I prefer. Having said that we have headed down a route where the exams are dumbed down so that everyone passes and half the population goes to University (and pays for it - no more free education after 18). Now I suspect we inherited all that from your side of the pond???

Anyway no-one is asking you to look to the UK or Europe for leadership. We do things our own way and live with the results. Why use a blog to bash another country? Why not promote what is (or has been) fantastic about the USA and why we should aspire to be more like you.

Sending positive vibes and best wishes :o)

Anonymous said...

"Anyway no-one is asking you to look to the UK or Europe for leadership."

You couldn't be more wrong. This is a staple in our Left's arsenal of utopian rhetoric.

Your view of Scargill, Benn and Livingstone speaks volumes. Your political POV is obvious and undoubtedly sincere.

This blog doesn't bash the UK. We bash and warn against individuals who would have us follow your example.

We have been blessed with a Constitution guaranteeing limited government, the God-given right of individual liberty, and right to carry a gun to protect ourselves against statists and tyrants. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is our birthright. Free enterprise is the air we breathe.

I understand that such concepts may not appeal to you, but understand that those same concepts have proven to be a beacon of hope to millions and continue to be.

I love Britain. I love poached eggs. I love my dog. I love the trees in my back garden. But I wouldn't die for any of them. I have though offered, and would again offer my life to defend that Constitution, and I'm not alone.

Rhod said...

It's called free speech, whether you like it or not, and it's rough and tumble.

Of course. Blogs as a herd of unicorns.

Anonymous said...

Nickie - We probably have more in common politically than you suspect (and no, that is not some veiled insult). I also believe in freedom, individual responsibility and that everyone should be rewarded for hard work. I believe that everyone should be able to pursue happiness, good health and a great education - I would like to see everyone have a fair crack at achieving all of those regardless of one's parents, race, religion or origins. I despise freeloaders but I am grateful that we have a welfare state to help the weakest in our society.

I love America too. I hope you don't have to offer your life to defend it against those who you feel would take your liberty and birthright away from you.

Sincerely, CL.

Anonymous said...

Rhod - Free speech - great! I'm not saying no-one can upload 30 year old videos about the Loony Left. It just seems a bit negative that's all. I generally prefer to be persuaded towards someone's POV not bashed until I say "I give in, you must be right".

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Welcome to Obama's world. PC and the left run amuck. It's in our schools now !

Anonymous said...

Woody, the place is drippin' with it.


My teenage years ! Thank you, for such a heart breaking view.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Horrific video, and very much like what is happening here now. We have much to learn from these Loony whackjobs' methodology.

Luckily, CL, the special relationship between the U. S. and the U. K. is not up to citizens who become unnecessarily indignant about a post on a blog. We'd be in a right mess if it were, now wouldn't we? LOL (am hearkening back to our discussion at Kid's here, fyi).

Anonymous said...

Hi Fuzzy! I must stop setting up notifications on my comments so I don't get drawn back into debates ;)

I wasn't "indignant" about the blog-post - made me smile actually that this stuff is still being dragged up. It's more a case of what American commenters to this blog (and other conservative blogs) have to say and assume about the UK - most of which CANNOT be based on actual experience - that make me feel the "special relationship" will be history before long. I am pretty neutral about this prospect - I respect and like the USA and Americans but would like to see us forging alliances elsewhere. Many Britons have become very very anti-American in the past decade - I am not one of them but can understand their POV. Like all friendships that have gone a bit "off" it will take both sides to work at it - both at government level and between ordinary folks meeting online (!!) :S

The thing that really confuses me is that, given many right-wing Americans admire Margaret Thatcher, if the UK really is as socialist as you all like to make out then surely Thatcher failed miserably???? IMO the truth is that Thatcher changed Britain enormously - some of those changes have been good for the country, others not so. Whatever one's opinion on Thatcherism the Britain I know in 2010 bears no relationship to 1980 so this post, to me, was irrelevant. If your Democrats are heading this far left then I am sure there will be a natural "correction" back to the centre ground.

Anonymous said...

.... and my earlier comments about Britain's loony lefties were a wee bit tongue-in-cheek. I have to remember that the British sense of humour is often a barrier to trans-atlantic understanding!!! ;)

I am turning notifications OFF now 'cause I have no time to debate anything this week .... busy, busy, busy :o)