January 27, 2010

Next on deck for the state of the union; immigration "reform"

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

Obama’s Socialist Advisers Are Behind His Push For Immigration Reform

I am not viewing the State of the Union pap, on account I do not believe in subjecting myself to propaganda. I already know what is to spew forth.

....We will hear in the State of the Union address about immigration "reform". This is the back story as to why this is the next big push after healthcare "reform" came to a screeching halt. They want unbeatable election security from the real America. If this is not declaring war on middle America after all else thrown at us in the past year, I do not know what is. THAT IS WHY THE 2010 elections are so important to the survival of the republic...

Why, in a time of high U.S. unemployment, is the Obama Administration seriously considering Rep. Luis Gutierrez's "Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity" bill which would grant citizenship to up to 12 million illegal immigrants.

The answer has little to do with humanity, national security or prosperity.

It is all about power- raw socialist power. It is all about 8,000,000 more Democratic Party votes and the creation of a "governing coalition for the long term".

At the "progressive" America's Future Now! conference in Washington, DC on June 2, 2009, SEIU International Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina addressed attendees on the issue immigration reform.

Speaking of Latino voters, Medina said "when they voted in November, they voted overwhelmingly for progressive candidates. Barack Obama got two out of every three voters that showed up"

So I think there's two things that matter for the progressive community.

Number one, if we are to expand this electorate to win, the progressive community needs to solidly be on the side of immigrants, that we'll expand and solidify the progressive coalition for the future..."

When you are in the middle of a fight for your life you will remember who was there with you. And immigrants count on progressives to be able to do that.

Number two.

We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. Can you imagine if we have, even the same ratio, two out of three?

If we have eight million new voters who care about ...... and will be voting. We will be creating a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.

There you have the strategy. Fight for the illegal immigrants, grant them citizenship, then exploit their gratitude in the form of votes to create a "governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.."

Who is Eliseo Medina?

As vice president of the radical SEIU, Medina has been the US's most effective immigration "reform" activist. His union, SEIU is also the major backer of the Gutierrez bill.

Selling the legalization of millions of illegal workers to the US labor movement has always been an uphill battle.

It was a huge turnaround in February 2000, when the AFL-CIO reversed its longstanding anti 'illegals' policy, calling for a new amnesty for millions of undocumented workers and the repeal of the 1986 law that criminalized hiring them.

Eliseo Medina was one of the chief instigators behind that resolution.

That fact is recognized by Democratic Socialists of America, the Marxist organization to which Medina has long belonged.

According to the DSA website;

Eliseo Medina is widely credited with playing a key role in the AFL-CIO's decision to adopt a new policy on immigration a few years ago, and was one of the organizers of the Immigrant Workers Freedom Bus Rides in 2003.

When Medina was honored by Chicago Democratic Socialists of America at their 2004 awards dinner, it was for his "vital role in the AFL-CIO's reassessment of its immigration policy".

Had Eliseo Medina not turned around the AFL-CIO and had the SEIU not supported it, Congressman Gutierrez's bill would never have gotten off the ground.

Medina's first interaction with the the fore-runners of Democratic Socialists of America came in Chicago when, in 1969, he was sent by Cesar Chavez to lead the Chicago grape boycott campaign.

Medina came into contact with Carl Marx Shier, a member of the local Socialist Party of America chapter , later to be a key founder of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Shier connected Medina with the Chicago Labor movement, a decision that "propelled Medina’s success with both the grape boycott and his career".

In 2004 Eliseo Medina became a Democratic Socialists of America honorary chair.

In 2008, Eliseo Medina joined Barack Obama's National Latino Advisory Council, where he worked with DSA linked future Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Luis Gutierrez and the co-sponsor of Gutierrez's immigration bill, the radical New York Congresswoman, Nydia Velasquez.

Luis Gutierrez is regarded in Chicago as one of Barack Obama's biggest supporters.

Eliseo Medina and Barack Obama , both have ties to Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, so it is not suprizing that Luis Gutierrez also has "connections".

When Luis Gutierrez ran for Congress in 1998, Democratic Socialists of America did not officially endorse any candidates, as they did Barack Obama in 1996.

But he was "recommended" as worthy of a vote, because of his membership of the DSA/Institute for Policy Studies created Congressional Progressive Caucus and for his support of Progressive Challenge-also a DSA/IPS "baby".

In the mid 1990s, Luis Gutierrez served on the board of Illinois Public Action alongside DSA members Ron Baiman and Quentin Young , DSA supporters Jan Schakowsky, David Orr and Tom Balanoff, Communist Party member Frank Lumpkin and Soviet front leader Alice Palmer.

Luis Gutierrez got his start in politics as an Chicago Alderman elected as part of the Harold Washington "movement". Washington was elected mayor of Chicago in 1983 by a coalition led by Chicago DSA and the Communist Party. It was Washington's election that inspired the young Barack Obama to move to Chicago - he even unsuccessfully applied for a job in the Washington administration.

In the late 1970s, early 1980s, Luis Gutierrez was one of the leading US members of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party.

Openly Marxist-Leninist, the PSP campaigned for Puerto Rican independence from the US. The organization maintained an unofficial "embassy' in Cuba and in the US was close to several revolutionary organizations including the terrorist Weather Underground Organization.

Gutierrez was able to use his contacts in the Chicago City government to to secure government funds for the PSP sponsored cultural center and for Party sponsored social services and ESL and GELD programs.

Incidentally, one of Eliseo Medina's comrades, DSA vice chair Jose LaLuz had also been a leading member of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party.

Jose laLuz, right at Chicago DSA's 1992 awards dinner

In January 1976, Jose LaLuz, representing the PSP Central Committee attended the Weather Underground organized "Hard Times" conference, at the University of Chicago. The conference unsuccessfully attempted to unify several radical groups into a new unified communist party.

In 2008, Jose LaLuz was Chairman of Latinos for Obama-a major Democratic Party effort to swing the Latino vote behind Obama.

LaLuz explained his tactics to the Communist Party's Peoples Weekly World September 19 2008;

"The Obama campaign is working in both New Mexico and Colorado, among other states, telling Latino voters about McCain’s terrible stands on the economy and about the horrible role Republicans have played and continue to play on immigration... “We are showing how the companies and outfits that exploit Latino workers are the people behind McCain,”

Between now and Election Day LaLuz said that the Obama campaign is registering voters in New Mexico and Colorado and developing lists of tens of thousands of Latino supporters for Obama. “Those lists will constitute the people we bring out on Election Day.”
In 1999, Congressman Luis Gutierrez was one of a small group who successfully lobbied President Clinton to pardon 14 imprisoned members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group the FALN.

In September 2007, controversy erupted in Chicago when it was discovered that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich had hired Steven Guerra as an $120,000 deputy chief of staff for community services.

It turned out that Guerra had spent nearly two years in a federal prison for refusing a federal judge's order to testify before a grand jury investigating a wave of FALN bombings that terrorized Chicago and New York City in the 1970s and 1980s. Guerra chose to be convicted of contempt even though he was offered immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony.

A government informant had told investigators that Guerra was a member of FALN and recounted a June 1982 trip Guerra took to Puerto Rico to attend "a meeting of a cross section of terrorists." Guerra was identified at the meeting as "one of the leaders of the resistance in the United States..."

"The discussion at the meeting included detailed plans for the ambush of police officers and the destruction of dams through the use of explosives."

Steven Guerra had originally been hired by Chicago City in 2003, on the recommendation of Luis Gutierrez.
Defending Guerra, Congressman Gutierrez praised his longtime acquaintance who "made what he considered a principled decision, and he paid a heavy price for that decision." "I have known Steven for a long time. He is a good man who cares about making our state a better place to live," said Gutierrez.

The question is-will Gutierrez and Medina's plans to "reform' immigration make the United States of America a better place?

Is that even the intention?

Or are America's illegal immigrants merely pawns in a cynical scam to give Obama's Democrats and their Marxist allies indefinite power-a governing coalition for the long term?

What do 12 million human beings matter, when a socialist America is at stake?

...Viva La Raza. Wise Latina's. The La Raza President in the cabinet. Violence In Mexico, spurring movement of the population.

This is the biggest threat of the rise of a Fourth Reich style government in the USA. One with single party control tipped to it by an invasion force little different in intent little different than any army under the command of Marxists. Invade, occupy, control. Look for a mass influx of Haitian's to be the vanguard of "humanitarian" imports...


Subvet said...

Once the 12 million illegals are "brought out of the shadows" they'll start demanding minimum wage and become undesirable to their employers. Those 12 million will then put a huge dent into the welfare system. Guess who pays?

At the same time, there will be demand for a new wave of illegals now coming across the border and willing to work for less than minimum wage. Guess who picks up the tab for things like ER visits at the hospitals because the newbies won't be on any insurance company rolls?

These 12 million aren't doctors, dentists and architects. Guess who will pay for any job training programs they're place in?

I won't even talk about the rising crime rates, there are others much more qualified to speak on that than a retired sub mechanic.

We are so screwed.

Anonymous said...

Nickie, I have bothered Bill (BB) for the last half hour. Figured I'd come over here. I really haven't found anything in Obama's speech worth believing in ... nothing he's gonna implement that will put us on the right track, and everything about how we gotta get rid of this guy. Everything he's said has scared me. If we don't hamstring him next year in congress it'll get even scarier.

Opus #6 said...

I think they will find that plenty of Americans oppose amnesty for illegals.

Fredd said...

Aw, c'mon.

Reposting stuff is just fluff. We want original stuff. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Subvet, the pros and cons have been enthusiastically weighed by the Obama boys. They know exactly what it will do.

Anonymous said...

RWL... as the American people get wise to this con game, more and more votes will shift.

Anonymous said...

Ope, like with ObamaCare, they don't really care what we think. It's all about political power.

Anonymous said...

Fredd, we're in the post-Massachusetts lull and we're recharging our elderly batteries.

Toaster 802 said...

Reposting stuff is just fluff.

...My mission has always been to find the best information out there and yell it from the roof tops. I could write original stuff start to finish all the time, but frankly there is enough how to militia and low level resistance and survival primers out there, and who really wants to hear my personal policy positions all the time, except in a snarky, fun way. Or hear about what I ate for dinner. Or grew in my garden. Or read 1000 word personal dissertations about how I feel about pending Congressional madness, Obama, cookies or my turtle.

I find news and views about freedom and liberty, about what it means and how to obtain it. Fact is that far better minds than mine have been there done that. I enjoy sharing new finds with new people, nuggets of truth, justice and the American way. I always credit my sources and provide links, because I want people to go back to the horse to get the real story and visit those authors that I present to you.

I consider myself a information analyst and intel aggregator, a reporter, not a author. I am a rabble rouser, not a poet. I am working to get the message out to the interested citizen that does not have the time to scan the internet for the real news and important views. My mission is spotting trends and stories before everyone else finds them, presenting them, then moving on as everyone else finds them.

I am personally involved with local and state politics, but this is a national message board, and I am sure folks do not know what is going on in Podunk, Vermont. (Yes, there really is one). That is why I have several blogs running. As spring nears, life calls and the homestead needs tending. I will scale back on one of my other blogs to leave time to contribute to this one, because I can reach more people with the most important message of all, That Liberty and Freedom are not free, and everyone one of us is needed to safeguard them for the next generation. No matter who wrote what.

"I am what I am and that is all that I am."