January 26, 2010

The brown acid is not particularly good, man,

..but make sure you NEVER have children!

I have a natural sympathy for anyone who's suspicious of the mechanisms and authority of the state. Conservatism and libertarianism are controlled and moderate forms of anarchism but have nothing in common with, say, the anarchism of Mikhail Bakhunin, and its deeply evil nihilism and automatic violence.

Conservatism and libertarianism also have nothing in common with the young (mostly), white, indulged, addled, middle and upper-middle class slabs of meat who call themselves "anarchists" today. For classification purposes, they're part of the American Left. Their totems, drives, fancies and dislikes are off-the-shelf leftism - anti-capitalism, communard silliness, revolutionary fixations, radical feminism - in other words, the little baubles that low-wattage leftists find so intoxicating.

A long time ago, Frank Zappa was on Saturday Night Live, and one of his casual comments about the music scene was (from memory) this: "As long as people want to get laid, there will be something like disco."

As long as we have misfits who want get laid, we'll have something like an Anarchist Book Fair!


Anonymous said...

The 70's would have been a slow period of my life had I not been able to celebrate the sexual revolution with angry militant coeds in Berkeley. We never parted with them any less angry. I did my best.

Snarky Basterd said...

It's so appropriate to bring Zappa into it because, despite his zaniness, he WAS a conservative ... and he is definitely missed.

Snarky Basterd said...

Obviously Goomba misses Zappa and his power to emolsify the brains of leftist chicks; somehow I don't think that Marilyn Manson is helping G-man these days.

Anonymous said...

Neil Sedaka had a libertarian streak.

Anonymous said...

I can't score with Lefties anymore. Decades as a passionate Conservative have left me with a permanent smirk. They spot me immediately when I enter the Co-op.

Rhod said...

...and the wing tips.

The Right Guy said...

Frank was cool. another quote from him: --

Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff.
Frank Zappa (1940 - 1993)

No kidding frank. The problem with most young kids is that they have no practical experience with life. They go to college and their professors fill their minds with BS or try to. I was libertarian even at 18, and I bumped heads with my professors and it hasn't gotten any better. Of course now I could be the professor, but only in something as inane as information systems stuff. Why I got that Master's degree still blows my mind. Anyway, thanks for the retrospective. May be Murray Rothbard will have something to add.

Anonymous said...

I wear sandals, Rhod. Dr. Scholl's.

Anonymous said...

I liked this quote from the cooments after the article.

"Ahh, it's good to see anarchists organize! Idiots don't even know the meaning, do they! If you want anarchy, go to Liberia! Otherwise, call your little trend something else."

powdergirl said...

I find it ironic that "...young(mostly), white, indulged, addled, middle and upper class slabs of meat who call themselves "anarchists" today", are exactly the type of people who couldn't survive in a state a anarchy for more than 5 minutes.

They should call themselves the Retard Revolution(no offense to the mentally challenged intended)>

Also, it only me, or is Mr Goomba sounding dead sexy today?

Anonymous said...

Nickie, your posts have the distinction of garnering comments that are at least as interesting as the original post. I strive to emulate you. The "slabs of meat" reference dovetails what others have said. In short, I have no good comment other than to agree that Liberia would be a good start. Perhaps Somalia or Yemen could make the list?

Anonymous said...

Powdie... You nailed it perfectly!

Me? Sexy? Don't worry about your monthly pledge. This time it's on me.

Anonymous said...

Right Guy...

"Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just because a few million people think you are?" - Frank Zappa

Anonymous said...

RWL... I wish I could take credit for posts like this, but Rhod penned this puppy. He's the internet version of Solzhenitsyn.

In fact, the GNN team is the virtual worls's Algonquin Round Table.

I'm Robert Benchley.

Rhod said...

I'm Harpo, although I'd rather be Murray Rothbard.

I saw Zappa in concert in the late '70's, in his Sheik Yerbouti/Joe's Garage incarnation.

He came on stage at 8:00 and said that he's leaving at 10:00, no encores, and if you don't like it: "F**k you. Talk to the union!"

powdergirl said...

Mr Goomba,
I do realize that I'm commenting on an old post, but I can't help myself, I just went for a run in the forest. I do that because it makes my blood sing a song of power and it makes me feel fit and tough and fast.

I think when I run sometimes, and today I learned something from my thinking

I learned that I might actually be a stone cold anarchist in the deepest and most violently romantic region of my heart.

I can almost see it, it would be awful at first, many infirm or decent people would be squashed under the boot heel of the walking human decay that would begin an instant looting and thuggery campaign. And that would be sad and unjust. But that shit happens everyday anyway, right?

I'd like to be around long enough to watch the world right itself and when I think further about it, I'd be willing as hell to pick up a gun and start hunting scum. There'd be no one to stop me in a state of Anarchy.

See someone you know for sure is a pedophile? Shoot it.

See someone you are dead certain is gonna get on a plane one day with a poorly thought out explosive device in his panties? Shoot it.

See someone you're 100% positive has beaten and robbed a senior at some point in its worthless life? Shoot it.

Somebody breaking into your house? Shoot the bastard so that the next guy thinking about breaking into your house thinks maybe he'd rather go get a job and buy his own damned stuff.

A whole bunch of the newly ungoverned remaining population would be cops and soldiers? Right?

For the most part, from what I've read and seen, cops and soldiers are pretty good judges of who needs killing, and they have guns and they're awesomely well trained. Without governance, those people would be able act like cops and soldiers, if they made the odd mistake, I'd be willing to let that go for the greater good, even if it meant that I was one of those mistakes.

There wouldn't even be a media for a while, and when it re-emerged, it'd be forced underground and forced to work again for a readership, forced to espouse ideas and ideals that would again reflect the peoples realities. And there wouldn't be any sick 'reality' television either, people would be way too busy trying to stay alive to watch that garbage and treat it as their gospel.

There'd be no schools busily at work trying pussifying our sons and teach our daughters that because they are women-to-be, they are also victims and must always be fearful.

So yeah, give the slabs of meat what they want, and I think we'd see that among those left standing, although many would be weeping where they stood, there would be a freshly culled herd of powerful but reasonable people who still clearly understood that behaving like a feral beast would get them shot.

A new Governance would emerge, because people need and crave governance, but it would be a Government again functioning as it was intended. Hopefully, it would also be a Government with a keen interest n recent history who understood how fucking your people over again and again while lining your pockets with their hard earned cash and then mandating banks to ensure that, "everyone gets a house, whether they work or not', will get their asses violently dethroned.

Sign me up, I want to be an Anarchist, I may set up base on a mountain I've torn the odd piece off of. Its call Anarchist mountain and borders Washington state. Its a stunning granite behemoth, and every time I've driven up that long and winding road with a truck load of commercial explosives, I've thought, "Huh, Anarchy, ey?"

Now I think, 'Sure, why not?'

You'll probably want me to pay that monthly dividend, now. Right?

Rhod said... that black powder?

I wouldn't call you an anarchist, because you expect a better system of order to replace the one you want to depose through chaos and...purification.

It's been done in this way before, in Russia and France, and begets what is sometimes known as a Thermidorean Reaction.

You don't necessarily get the new order you expect after a reign of terror.

Nevertheless, I understand what you're saying.

powdergirl said...

We don't call it black powder anymore. That quaint old name has been deemed to be an implication that black people are more volatile than white, red, brown, yellow or beige people.

So its just powder these days : )

And yeah, I know, but a girl can dream.