January 6, 2017

McAfee: The Russians Didn't Do It

According to anti-malware industry expert John McAfee, the DNC was not hacked by the Russians.


LL said...

The progs will do what ever they can to undermine President Trump.

That has been my take-away since this campaign started in earnest last June. Trump knows that and he's surrounded by very bright people.

Doom said...

Now, while I agree? McAfee as a witness, on anything, would be like calling Al Capone to the stand in his own defense. The guy is a crook, dirty, and as wrong as the pitchest night. Impugned by his nature and history. I wonder if he was used for the hatred for him and his crooked company as a neg, no matter what he said? And, yeah, he'd do it for a few buck or a piece of nasty.

Kid said...

It's the perfect scam tho, just like GW, it can neither be proven or dis-proven.