January 6, 2017

In The News

No One In Their Right Minds
Seriously. After what Baltimore and Maryland politicians did to the cops last year, who in their right minds would join the BPD?
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City’s Police Union is sounding the alarm because they say the department is in crisis due to the fact that it has too few officers.

According to a new report, there are more than 100 fewer Baltimore City PD officers than last year, with the union saying this poses a safety concern as officers are being overworked.

The police union president calls the situation “dire.”
I retired in 1998 with about 25 other cops resulting in a force reduction of 4.6% (25 retirees out of an authorized strength of 503). The City hired a bunch of new guys the next year, no big deal.

The Baltimore Police are down 118 cops out of an authorized staffing of 2,538 resulting in a force reduction of 4.7% and they hit panic mode.

The problem is that the cops have stopped aggressive policing because they know that they will be hung out to dry for anything that goes wrong. That and the "boutique" policing that has infected the entire country. Community policing has degenerated to the point where every squawk results in a special unit drawn from patrol. Directed Patrol Teams, Crime Reduction Teams, Problem Oriented Policing squads, Municipal-Based Anti-Crime Teams ... you name it, I've seen them all over the past 40 years.

The Start of  Pod Racing?
Pod racing, drone racing, it's all good. Once the drones get big enough, watch out.
In the past if you wanted a racing drone, you had to build it yourself. That meant learning how to solder and program. If your drone broke, as they are prone to do, you had to learn how to make repairs. Draco aims to change all that. It costs $499, and the company says that right out of the box, the Draco drone can hit 100 miles an hour on a straightaway. And it’s made from entirely modular parts, so if you crash, you can easily buy replacements for your broken bits.
That obnoxious pod racer kid in the 1999 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (which I think stank) has not learned to cool his jets. Jake Lloyd was arrested in Charleston, SC, after crashing his car in a 100 mph chase. Lloyd was arrested for driving without a license, reckless driving, failure to stop, and resisting arrest.

All Your Ambassadors Are Belong To Trump
A new broom sweeps clean and there is one hell of a lot of sweeping that needs to be done.
President-elect Donald Trump ordered every Obama-appointed diplomat home in the days which will immediately following his inauguration, according to a Thursday report from The New York Times.

The Department of State sent a cable to all diplomats nationwide advising them of the break from tradition Dec. 23. Past administrations allowed diplomats an extension until a replacement could be found and moved to each post, according to the report.

Trump made it clear he doesn’t want any political appointee of the outgoing president to serve during his administration, a decision Trump staffers insist is not “ill will.” The new administration just wants to make sure that appointments made as a result of political donations end “on schedule.”
After eight years of Obama's diplomatic prowess and the Clinton/Kerry curse, we're lucky to have any physically intact embassies.


LL said...

Baltimore will likely get the felons (unindicted co-conspirators) who want to be police officers and other undesirables applying so that they can do what they do with a badge and a gun. You're right. Nobody who has any character or potential would join up.

Trump needs to drain the swamp at the State Department and it's a VERY deep swamp.

sig94 said...

LL - and don't forget all the minorities that can't pass a civil service test. I haven't been able to find a reference, but around 1994 a black Washington DC Metro cop was arrested for shooting her boyfriend. She was tested and found to have an IQ of less than 75. How the HELL did she pass the academy classes? This minority hiring shit has caused enormous damage to the quality of officers all across the country.

LL said...

Minorities are given "special tests". I thought that you knew that.

If you find a minority police officer with a 5 1/2 hat size what do you call her? -- Lieutenant --

Doom said...

The unions are probably more afraid of losing union fees than public welfare. Besides, if they really want to do something, then start shooting safety courses and mentor the right people toward personal carry. It's the only way to go forward. You can't have enough cops to keep the world clean. If you had them, it would get worse, fast. We need em', just... probably too many as is. Cut the laws, local to federal. Too many things are crimes making everyone a criminal, of some kind.

I keep liking Trump better. This means, too, that nothing will be done by them, on his time, that would reflect badly. And, yeah, I don't doubt that many of them are acquiesced or purchased moles. Yeah, he might just make some changes. Only ever a generation or two from complete social slavery, of course. But resetting the clock back to closer to two is all good.

sig94 said...

LL - I was a Lieutenant. :(

Doom said...

Bah. Hahahaha! But did you wear a size 5 1/2? If so, all bets are off. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Wasted hate, I'm dog ugly. Hate me for the right reasons. I'll stop digging the hole there. Cheers!