January 7, 2017

Brexit Is Working

Aside from Muslims, the NHS and Prince Charles, the Brits are doing better.
It's one thing to predict a disaster that doesn't happen. It's quite another to predict bad news and have things turn out pretty darned well, which is thus far what has occurred. You'd never know it from reading U.S.-based establishment press coverage, but the UK economy, as reported in the UK Times, "ended last year as the strongest of the world’s advanced economies with growth accelerating in the six months after the Brexit vote."

The result is so completely the opposite of what was predicted that the chief economist at England's central bank, in a moment of refreshing candor that folks in the U.S. can only wish they would see coming from our Federal Reserve, has admitted that economists committed historically serious forecasting errors.
The actual headline here is:
Shhh! Six Months After Brexit Vote, UK 'Has World's Top Economy'


LL said...

Once President Trump takes office, I would not be surprised by a trade deal between the US and UK. It's something that you'd never see with the Kenyan in office.

sig94 said...

LL - That's what I'm thinking. Lots of changes in store after 1/20/17.