January 7, 2017

Random Stuff

  • When the Democrats were winning elections there was no problem with our election infrastructure. Now that they got their asses handed to them over the past four years, all of a sudden it's a problem.
  • Sure she was cute, had a nice bod and looked great in a space princess bikini but Carrie Fisher was a hot mess. After her cremation her ashes were stored in an urn that is modeled after a huge psycho drug pill. Oh tee hee hee.
  • Nothing is free except air and Jesus' salvation. Try to throw health care into that mix and eventually there's gonna be a big problem. Stir, don't shake, a million or so Muslims into the bowl and now there's a catastrophe.The chefs are idiots and the people who are forced to eat this slop need to kick someone's ass.

"Because I can," is no excuse.

  • The FBI report that shows that the election was hacked by the Russians is then hacked by the Democrats and given to NBC; or NBC hacked the FBI report that shows that hacking Russians ruined the election for Hillary; or the Russians hacked the FBI report that proves their hacking and was then hacked either by Hillary or NBC... oh screw it, the Roosians didn't need to do anything to show the world that HRC is incompetent and a thief and nobody's going to jail anyway.
  • Yep, that's right. I want a queer computer. Now I can finally run a spreadsheet that always buggers my databases.
  • My kids send me cutesy things over Facebook. Anyone who uses FB to get news is a complete idiot.


Kid said...

I'd really like to know who is attracted to people like this creature pictured. Well, maybe not.

Doom said...

Somebody's got a snit going. Oh, no arguments. I can chuckle, because I'm not in your moment. I go through them, even as I am, myself. Well... I'll chuckle, but commiserate, empathize, and/or sympathize as I am able.


I don't think anyone is attracted to each other when they do those things. It's more a matter of who else made themselves so unavailable, then choosing from that pool?

Kid said...

Doom, Great Point. You're right.

sig94 said...

Gotta vent every now and then.