January 1, 2017

The Threat Against Trump Is Real

A media feeding frenzy and DNC shenanigans failed to bring Trump down. What's next?
As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises — Paul Craig Roberts

[...]Global Research’s Michel Chossudovsky has explained that Trump’s peaceful approach to Russia aligns him with oligarchs, whose wealth benefits from business deals with Russia, and puts Trump at odds with the military/security oligarchs, who benefit from the one trillion dollar annual military/security budget. The latter group have been in control since President Eisenhower warned us about them and can muster deep state forces against a Trump presidency.

To take on a group like this requires a tough SOB. Anything less than Trump wouldn’t have a chance. Indeed, if Douglas Valentine’s just published book, The CIA As Organized Crime (Clarity Press, 2017) is even half true, Trump’s life is certainly at risk.
Add to the mix the whacked-out environmentalists who hate Trump because of his announced intention to defang the EPA. It won't take much to send one of these idiots over the edge.
Story here.
H/T Zero Hedge.

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Doom said...

True. But I think what will keep Trump alive is the realization that if he goes down, we are done playing nice. I... I really think they are starting to understand. If he can win, we can get a real one in. And we will flood enough Republicans in office that the rino's won't even matter. Yeah... it's... there.