February 21, 2017

Ready, Aim...

He's got a pen, a phone and eleventy billion dollars:
President Trump is planning to issue executive orders this week to begin rolling back the centerpiece of President Obama's climate change agenda with several other regulations.

Trump is expected to soon issue the orders targeting regulations put into place by the Environmental Protection Agency, including the Clean Power Plan, which directs states to cut greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.

The EPA climate plan was halted a year ago by the Supreme Court until the courts can rule on litigation by 28 state attorneys general, the coal industry and hundreds of individual companies and industry groups.

The order is expected to direct the agency to redo the climate change rule, which would be different from asking the agency to rescind the regulation altogether. Ultimately, direction on what to do about the greenhouse gas rule will have to come from the courts.
Story here.


Patrick Wilson said...

We can only hope!

LindaG said...

That is frustrating. I still think the EPA should be done away with completely. No one elected them to office, yet they make our lives miserable with no one to answer to.

Always On Watch said...

Is it possible that we're really going to get our country back?

sig94 said...

Pat - we can only wait and see. But I think their claws and fangs will be pulled.

sig94 said...

LindaG - He'll try like hell.

sig94 said...

Always - that's why we elected him, right? And he promised that he would.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, we elected him to do exactly what he's doing.

Suck it up, Leftist Scum!