February 24, 2017

So True

A conservative street artist is mocking Hollywood's biggest night, using fake Redbox kiosks and a line from a Quentin Tarantino movie to bash Sunday night's Oscar show.

Sabo, an artist who has made a name for himself with real-looking movie posters that skewer liberalism, plastered his latest creations all over Hollywood and Highland, a stone's throw from where celebrities will be walking the red carpet.

In the dead of night Thursday and early Friday morning, Sabo plastered his posters all over town, in hard-to-reach places where they look like genuine advertisements.
Story here.


LL said...

I love it.

I also like Actor Robert Davi's suggestion that the Academy reserve at least fifty seats for unvetted illegal aliens and Syrian Refugees to enjoy the Oscars inside the room - with additional invitations for the great unwashed to attend the Vanity Fair Party and other parties after the Oscars.

It will never happen - thus the hypocrisy

Kid said...

Great stuff Sabo. I find that I watch and enjoy maybe 1 movie in a 6 month period. The rest of it is all crap.

LindaG said...

That is just great!