February 24, 2017

President Trump Rope-A-Doping The Media

This American Thinker article pretty much speaks my mind when it comes to Trumpisms.

I admit, President Trump does come out with a cringe-worthy remark/tweet every now and then (maybe more often than that) but that's just the Queens (NYC) in him sneaking out. It's irrepressible. I've heard guys like this before and it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is when a President mouths politically correct nonsense on one hand and outright lies on the other and then does his best to destroy America with the media applauding every step of the way.

Unlike prior Republican Presidents, Trump's got the media on the run and they don't like it. Not since the days of Ronald Reagan has the media been staggered by a presidential rope-a-dope. He is his own man and, unlike his predecessors, he speaks his mind regardless of  how the media screams:
  • Certainly not George W. Bush, who let them hammer him into a dismal 28% approval rating over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the weapons of mass destruction, Abu Ghraib, the banking crisis, etc.
  • Certainly not John McCain, who let the liberal media cast him as an old, out-of-touch, nervous candidate with a nutcase for his VP running mate.
  • And certainly not Mitt Romney, who let Candy Crowley and Obama roll him like a street drunk over Benghazi and the “terrorism” word in their second Presidential debate, on foreign policy.
It is amazing how his approval ratings remain stable despite the media's relentless attacks on him. This speaks to the trust that his supporters have in him and his efforts to maintain that relationship. More importantly, it speaks to the nation's distrust of the media and he is faithful in his efforts to hammer them over and over again.
Rasmussen had him at 52% approval last week, a very good mark for any president, and one that’s particularly astonishing in light of the unprecedented, unrelenting liberal attacks on him. He’s doing more, sooner, than any president in recent memory. He speaks directly to the issues that matter to the people and he says what he’ll do without equivocation, doubletalk or dancing.
It doesn't appear that he will change his delivery. It has worked for him in business and in politics and he sees no reason to switch gears. He communicates directly with the American people and by doing so he by passes the liberal media filters. "Fake News" was a master piece, a simple slap in the face that resounds every time he uses it. It has left a mark.


LL said...

President Trump is not a great communicator. Not in the least. He's not a good Republican (he's a Trumpian), but he has an American heart. That's been lacking. His doctrine is America First, and we haven't seen that since President Reagan.

His election speaks to American's weariness of the politically correct garbage that we all have to wade through, the tepid economy, the weak and inept leadership of Obama, etc.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He says what he means and that is so refreshing.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

He is bringing out the ugly in the Left. Some now refer to him as the shit-gibbon. Can you imagine the uproar if anyone dared to compare Obummer to a simian?

Kid said...

Yea, obama was the teleprompter Jesus and the ones who loved him did so becuase 'he spoke so well'. Nevermind he can't put a sentence together without a prompter.

Everyone who voted for Trump knew what they were getting. Many didn't think they'd get as much as they Are getting. But the country is in a Mexican stand-off. I expect the poll numbers to remain close the election margin of victory.

He could govern from a strip club for all I care as long he gets it done.

sig94 said...

LL - Yes, yes and yes.

sig94 said...

Odie - the people trust him. Well, the people who support him. He simply does what he promised and that is so unusual in a politician.

sig94 said...

Well Seasoned - there would be such an outcry from the left that the government would be forced to issue ear plugs to millions.

sig94 said...

Kid - "govern from a strip club" - heh - yeah, I'd buy that. For a week or two anyway....

Unknown said...

So what is it"
"...the media applauding every step of the way."
"Trump's got the media on the run"
Maybe you talk before engaging brain.