February 23, 2017

Freckles Are In

When I was a kid all my freckled friends hated them.

From the NY Post:
Once upon a time, freckles were considered such aberrations that women would do anything to get rid of, or at least conceal, them.

Talk about an about-face: Now, freckles are downright desirable.

Topshop and other beauty purveyors sell “freckle pencils,” while Kickstarter-funded company Freck

Yourself offers stencil-like adhesives that will leave your skin all sun-kissed and speckled. But hardcore freckle fetishists can go a step further: They can get these spots tattooed on their faces.

Semipermanent freckle tattoos use pigment in lieu of ink, can last up to three years and cost about $250, according to the site NewBeauty.

Almost all my grandchildren have freckles.


LL said...

I like girls with freckles.

sig94 said...

LL - And I bet they like you.