September 23, 2010

Bill Clinton Campaigning in Massachusetts for ... Barney Frank?!?

Yes, it's true. Is Bill Clinton hanging out in Mass with B. Frank because:

A) Frank really is in trouble in this election and he has a credible opponent in Sean Bielat (former Marine, by the way);

B) Frank is trying to get Clinton to town and put this thing out of reach before the doofuses at the RNC wake up and realize that Bielat can win (which will be, if history is any guide, too late);

C) Frank and Clinton have a mutual non-aggression pact on each other's significant others; or

D) All of the above?

Here's a great column explaining what Frank's race means by Robert Snider: Check it out.

I am going to drop by HERE and send Sean a few coins before the Bush tax cuts expire, and I would encourage you to do the same.

Semper Fidelis.

Disappearus Frankus.


LL said...

I happen to know why and it's "none of the above".

Frank has a very large war chest and he's paying Bill to be there and hold his hand. Bill Clinton is a charming guy, but it's all about the money.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I failed to consider that His Viscosity would be charging for his appearance ... does this mean Frank will get Bill a date, too?

LL said...

Bill doesn't seem to have trouble getting laid all on his own if history is any indication of present and future trends --- and I don't think he'd want one of Barney's cast-offs (a chick with a stick).

sig94 said...

We shudda knowed that. Billy Jeff only moves for something if it has dollar signs or lips on it.

"Frank is even running away from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, even though he has until recently been their champion in Congress."

Interesting that Barney is trying to distance himself from Fannie&Freddie since he was butt buddies with Herb Moses, the ASSistant Director for Product Initiatives.

Read this:

"Fannie Mae ended up at the epicenter of the financial meltdown, of course. And, while Moses was living with Frank, he helped develop many of Fannie Mae's affordable housing and home improvement lending programs. Some say such programs led to the mortgage meltdown that prompted the government takeover of Fannie Mae and its financial cousin, Freddie Mac, after they spread bad mortgages throughout the private financial sector.

Frank spent years blocking lawmakers from imposing tougher regulations on the mortgage giants."


sig94 said...

LL - I dunno, there's some mighty tasty cross dressers out there if you're not too particular.

Clinton's sexual predilections are: 1) not very particular, and 2) close encounters of the oral kind.

While Billy Jeff has gone the humper, thumper and dumper routine many times, he's also known for bring it, sling it and wing it.

I hope his daughter fairs better. Her mother carries the vicious gene in that DNA pouch.

Anonymous said...

Re: chasing bills or lips, I must lodge an objection and note to both of you that Bill's first encounter with "that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" was when she gave H.V. a fly-by with her skirt, revealing a thong, etc.

Let's be accurate here.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a posting without DC bringing it around to something glootmax-related".

Anonymous said...

I believe that Barney's scalp will be even more valuable than Boxer's. There are great possibilities in November.

Anonymous said...

Nick, no. And stop being a big butt. Sheesh ... I did it again.

sig94 said...

Nickie - I was hoping for pelts. Maybe a nice pair of gloves?

LL said...
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LL said...

Clinton dated Eleanor Mondale when he was in Los Angeles. Eleanor rented a house from K. D. Lang, the singer and they had a little love nest near Griffith Park.

Not all the women he hangs with are in the Hillary/Monica class. These days he definitely does not go ugly early** as his spectrum of available women has multiplied many-fold. In the old days he had to be a bit more careful.

TV/TS? My sources, which are close to the mark are, NO. (though as Sig suggested, sometimes you never know if you don't move south of the equator. Apparently B. H. Obama always moved south so he knew he was getting a guy, but that's another story)

** Go Ugly Early: The "go ugly early" strategy is an approach used by unscrupulous men in a nightclub. Some men realise that they are not going to score with a hot chick, so they might as well go for more aesthetically challenged woman in the first place. This has a number of advantages. It is not as obvious as the "10 to 2" method of starting at the top and working your way down. This can torpedo your chances with many women who feel that you are only talking to them because you couldn't do any better (which is true!). By hitting on them early however, they are more likely to think that you actually like them, so your chances of success will be higher.

Doom said...

No wonder he made such a scene over the $1 regarding the ferry ride.

It would be nice to never hear his lisp again. Alas, my shekel jar is empty. Oh, if the DNC light keeps choosing wrong, they won't have any friends at all. When the the representatives AND we the people don't support it, will it truly matter? Maybe then we can remove our own "Obama" (and before that, "Frank"). What are they doing?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it has to do with money or kinky Barney stuff.

It has to do with power and favors. He is storing up favors for Hilary's campaign. He does a big favor for Barney and then Barney owes the Clintons. Obama isn't popular, so it will be easy for Barney to pay them back with support and what power he has.

See more of Bill doing this sort of thing in the future. She has already started paving her road, and he is working his side of the street, pimping himself out on her behalf. (Oh, you guys pulled me into to it, didn't you!!)

Michael said...

I hope Bill hasn't switched sides? Monica was unavailable and Hillary doesn't play anymore!

Starsplash said...

Billy Boy? that is like the political kiss of death....

Anonymous said...

LL, that is funny but you are thinking way too hard about this stuff, man.

Michael, welcome to the Dark Side.

Doominator, they are trying to get people elected who agree with us, I guess?

Rhod said...

Is Barney greasing Bill's palm?

Rhod said...

...or is this just another one of Clinton's race to the bottom.

sig94 said...

Or is Barney really greasing something else? Do we really want to know?

Is Bill getting ready to come out of the closet dragging a wildly kicking and screaming Obama behind him?

Will Michelle announce that a team of proctologic OBGYN's have successfully delivered a fully developed teenager from an extra uterus located in her butt?

Will Nickie finally get over his embarassment about those sixth toes and start wearing sandals?

Inquiring minds want to vomit.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You would think the people in Massachusetts have embarrassed by Frank enough.